PC or Laptop (Windows) USB cam as a security camera

@platinumj615 you can do it many ways. If you are referring to using Alfred on your PC then you need to install an Android emulator. If you want another method where you take full advantage of your hardware for free with no ads or subscription then all the information is in this thread

Alfred is awesome right


@trextron5 Alfred Can certainly serve a purpose.
Just seems to require a lot of supervision lately.

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I think you have a good case for an Alfred subscription then you can utilize the zoom feature.

Wait…? Link was removed? Was it a bad link? I guess Google will be my friend.

@4d4328a11d3f0dfe514e not bad just a conflict of interests.

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Thanks, pinky-free-user. Interestingly enough, I. can see the original post (which I wasn’t seeing before). Now I don’t even see the post I was talking about at all. If it was a conflict of interest thing, I would think that the OP would have been the one to be censored.

@4d4328a11d3f0dfe514e it’s ok the program is referred to in the thread you just need to browse through.

Thanks, not sure what that is for but thanks non the less.

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What was the name of that website?

With free programs, you can use your laptop to monitor your maintenance area through its built-in camera. Most programs are free but straightforward. For excellent functionality, you can pay for additional features from the likes of Yawcam (what we’re using today), iSpy, SecuritySpy, and others.

As far as I am aware https://www.yawcam.com yawcam is and has always been completely free to use. What do you pay extra for ? I never used yawcam because it was originally based on Java, will have to investigate how it’s getting on.

ContaCam is the best program for IP cameras. It does have a “no donation” graphic at the bottom right if you do not donate to the developer. It is by no means a deal breaker to use it for free. I did donate because it is such a great program and to help development, not to remove the graphic, which is quite tiny on the video I might add.

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Okay I have made another investment to add to my system with the intention of replacing the Alfred device outside my front door as it’s not doing well with the environmental changes.

Will update all when it’s up and running. :+1:

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Im using Kerui 720p cams from Aliexpress.
Pretty good for 15 bucks

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For the price it is working okay. I’m still having problems getting the onvif Feed to work with Contacam. It seems like the main idea of this camera is to buy into their cloud storage which is about £30 a year. For now I would advise avoiding anything that uses the 360Eyes App.

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Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred Camera:

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