PC or Laptop (Windows) USB cam as a security camera

When it comes to night vision you need an infrared light source. Also on your camera device you will have an infrared lens filter which can be removed on some devices but is a very tricky task as the device has to be stripped down to get to the lens which is very tiny and fragile. Out of the one’s I’ve examined the lens component was sealed and I felt that trying to remove the filter would permanently damage the lens. Also you would need to be able to filter ordinary light to make it clear, this is achieved by using exposed celluloid film. There are videos of how to achieve this on certain video sites with a webcam which I have done myself but have failed to achieve the same results on a mobile/cell phone.

What camera is that and we’re did you get it from?

@bloemenvreugd owsoo 1080p. Link about 8 posts up.

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Thank you very much …


Hey Pinky, I sent you an email with questions regarding that IP camera. It might have gotten stuck in your spam, not sure. No rush on a reply :slightly_smiling_face:


Will check asap anonymous person.


HaHaha! LMFAO! Anonymous Person called AccessDenied! I can see why u picked that as your screen name. HaHaha! Funny as hell!

U need to email me sometime @pinky-free-user! Miss our convo’s about cams. LOL Mine still going great. Tho I took the one outta my Papaws place cause of his mouth. Like I told him “Papaw your throat been sliced once and my place broke into once & your trailer about 3 times over past 5 years so bygod next time something like that happens again it’s not on my ass, it’ll be on your ass cause u the one that b¡tched about it & wanted it out for some dam reason.”
I just don’t understand him sometimes. One day he wants a security system watching the place inside & outside and now a year later he don’t want 1 inside so I took it outta his trailer but I left the other watching the driveway & walkway there. Still tryin figure out a good place to put one to watch my lil camper by his place so I can see if anyone been screwing around there. That’s still a work in progress kinda. I’ll have it done sooner or later tho. I’ll talk at cha later PinkyLee! Email me sometime. U know the address…

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I got the same one you have ordered. I can’t wait to get it and mount it. I will still be using the Alfred phone it is replacing for another security purpose. I really only had to get one because the idiots that are in the building lobby cannot read the sign that light must be left on at all times when it is dark outside.

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@AccessDenied don’t forget to give us a review.

@pinky-free-user Will do.

@pinky-free-user What type of SD card does it take? I would like to pick one up this week for it but it says TF card and I am not sure if it is the regular SD or the micro SD :thinking:

@AccessDenied micro SD

Thx @pinky-free-user I will be sure to pick one up this week for sure. But…

I am mad as hell about the delivery. Says it will be here a week from now. I could drive to California and back 3x faster. WTF Fedex

All Things Come To Those Who Wait

Or good things come to he whom waits

@pinky-free-user You are 100% correct as I did not contact Fedex with anger and it now appears it will be here either Friday or Saturday (delivery date has not changed but it is very close to me as of today using tracking).

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My review of the Owsoo IP cam:

I love the IR LED nightvision and don’t even bother with lights any more. The 355 degree pan to the left and right along with the 120 degree up and down is freaking unreal.

I was not expecting all the captured events to be only on the micro sd card. I did find a way around this, though. I set up the cam to upload the pic that triggered the motion, as well as the video, using FTP. This way all events are saved to my FTP server.

Also one major CON: It appears to only record about 15 seconds no matter how long the motion occurs.

All in all, I would give it a 8.5 out of 10.

Thought about replacing it with a Wyze so that I have IR nightvision and free 1080p 14 day cloud rolling storage, but… Wyze only gives 12 sec motion clips. I guess you need to spend an arm and a leg for IR nightvision motion clips for longer times.


@AccessDenied I didn’t notice the 15 second issue as no one seems to take longer than a few seconds using the front door. I am currently looking into this and will update you if I find the settings. There are more settings for example if you log in to the webpage ie. and also the windows app but I’m not local at the moment so will look when I get back.

@pinky-free-user Thanks. I would appreciate that. The only other thing that kind of bothers me is the cam is slow on picking up motion. It might be because it is about 12-15 feet from the door though.

I have done some research on other cams with IR on them. Wyze is basically a scam/worthless as it only will record for 12 seconds with a 5+ minute cool down. It will record all to the SD card but say someone kicked in the door and fell down, They got up and came in 15 seconds later. They could take everything including the cam and you have nothing… nothing at all to show. Blink XT looks really good but at 129$ and it has no PC software (like Wyze).

Overall I am pretty happy with the Oswoo but it does lag behind on recording once motion is detected a couple seconds.

If they made a *** android that could see IR lights I would just buy an IR light and put one of them up using Alfred because of the prerecording of motion.

I will keep the Oswoo where it is because of the IR vision and the issues I have with people not reading the posted notice in the lobby of the building about the lights (from the owner).

@AccessDenied can not find the settings to change for the 15 second issue. Will definitely have to get the DVR set up sooner rather than later. I have got the secondary feed running on the onvif Settings and it is a much clearer stream. Will keep you posted.