Pc fails to connect to cameras still



tried previous advice with disabling cookies stuff no luck still wont connect to cameras from pc


Hi @vandpquartuccio,

Which browser do you use? Could you let me know what you see on the screen? Just knowing this would give me a bit more clue.


How do you get all cameras just say I got 4 cameras I want to view all 4 at the same time on my PC how do I get them all on screen


Du må gjøre nøyaktig som de viser på den videoen, jeg slet i flere dager før jeg nå fikk det til.Husk å skru av ad-blokkeren !!
Ønsker deg lykke til videre


Hi @swaneymark36,

Thank you for reaching out!

You can do this by opening different tabs. Please find out how here:

Hope this helps!