PC cam working live but not recording

Trying out the PC cam thingy. Installation is easy - it just works - and I can view the cam live from another device, but so far it’s not recording any events. Yes, I do have motion detection turned on :O)

@0178d9ce624ea2dbd749 just need to be able to run it in the background somehow.

Sorry pinky, I don;t quite know what you mean. I’m running it in chrome - it’s the only tab open. Chrome is minimized and I can monitor the live feed from my tablet. I’ve also noticed that, when the chrome window is maximized and there’s movement, it shows ‘recording’ top right on the video but no recordings ever appear in the events page.

Is there a chrome setting I’m missing?

I’m guessing that you will need to give it permission to record locally… I haven’t tried it yet as I have no need to use my PC as a security camera but the idea sounds interesting it’s just a shame they have gone the browser route instead of a standalone program. I will try to investigate more and update you if I find anything.

I found this:
Allowed sites : Sites can start to record when you’re on the site. If you’re using a different Chrome tab or a different app, a site can’t start recording.

This sort of suggests that you need the chrome window open on the desktop for it to work, which does make it less useful; I was thinking of leaving it running minimized in the background. However - even then, I had it running visible on the desktop with the recording notification showing and still nothing.

I guess this limitation on chrome (and I can see why it’s there) means it would also cut out when the screen saver shuts down the screen so my idea of leaving it running at night and when I was out won’t really work :O(