Payment change


Hello, I signed up with my personal email account. Then noticed I had to give everyone my email UID and PW.
I created another account. Is there a way you can remove the payment from one gmail account and put it on the new user I created?

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HI @devin.g.fifield,

Thanks for reaching out to Alfred!

It seems that you want to share your camera with others.

Did you know you can share Camera access with others by adding them to the Trust Circle? That way, he/she can log in with his/her own Gmail.

Please find out how here:

If you still would like to transfer your membership to another account. Please write us an email at from the account that currently has the upgrade, and state the account you want the membership to be transferred to.

Hope this helps!


Hi Adam
I would like to request you move the payment made FROM TO as I would like to use that login information for the cameras.

Let me know if you need any further information or how I need to proceed to start the one year subscription offer.


Hi @devin.g.fifield,

Thank you for reaching back out! We have received your email, and the transfer will be processed momentarily.

Hope this helps!