Paid for upgrade but no upgrade and no help - Ricardo


Ricardo - you have not answered my request. I paid for upgrade, the funds have been taken out of my account. Why have you not resolved this for the past two days?

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Same experience here. Alfred – please reply to us!!


Hey @thutch6,

From our logs, your subscription has been canceled a few days ago. Did you get charged? If so, please send the receipt you received to us so that we can look into it for you!

To keep your information private, please send me a direct message here or contact us via Facebook:


From our logs, your account has been upgraded to Alfred Premium successfully. Are you still seeing ads?

Please read more about the features provided by Alfred Premium here: Alfred Premium & Alfred Plus: Unlock Exclusive Features!

Keep us posted!


I just emailed you all the proof you need to show that the $29.99 came out of my account on 1/8/19. You are delaying responding to me and I am beginning to believe this is a scam.

I want my funds returned to me because you don’t seem to be able to resolve this and you just delay and delay and yet you have my money.



We are sorry for the late reply. It seems that the transaction is still pending. Please read more about why the payment may be pending here:

We are trying to upgrade your account as soon as possible. If the issue cannot be solved, we will cancel this payment and offer a full refund to you. Please wait a couple of days for the procedures to proceed.

Also, it takes 3 to 7 working days for our email support to reply in general. For subscription or urgent issue, we suggest you contact us through Facebook or send me a private message here.

Sorry again for the inconvenience. Please keep us posted if you find out anything.