Paid and now it stopped working

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Same here. Paid, work for few days, then stopped working. After report issue, they said they would contact me in 14 days!!!

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Same here. Paid for subscription and now it does not work. Read all the “to do’s”. Nothing!

I also paid and tried the how to and it don’t work …everything worked before they took my credit card what the eff

There is now an app update. Let’s all try it and hope for the best! Mine did not update automatically even though my devices are set for automatic app updates. I had to do it manually.

Good luck to all of us!

Forget it. Do not update. Now it will not connect at all. The camera shows that it’s on but neither of my other viewer devices will connect. I updated all of them :cry::cry::cry:

OK I guess it is over an hour ago that I posted. I have now removed and reinstalled the app on both of my viewing devices. Took a lot of waiting and a lot of trying but finally connected. I will see how long it lasts and I will update here with progress reports .

Update. Another hour. Now I seem to be able to connect using the iPad viewer but not the iPhone 7 viewer, Which is the newest of my three devices. They are all updated to the current iOS as of a couple of days ago. The device being used as camera is an iPhone 5s. Right now it still seems to be staying connected. Are these reports helping anyone?

Do cameras AND viewers need to be on ‘guided access’ or just the camera device?

Welcome to Alfred you have paid to use your own equipment and do all your own setup and fault finding whilst paying your own internet WiFi data connection. Congratulations.

Alfredo is a great app but zoom stopped working after a couple of days need longer video time also, it want let me share app I got is alfredo CCTV wifi baby monitor does anyone know anything about this app

I have used Alfred for a long time, under and also I have never had an issue, but it keeps saying my cameras are offline and they are not, zoom isn’t working and one camera refuses to stay connected now. I don’t think I will be renewing my premium membership or any membership.

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