Outside alfred


This is my waterproof Kyocera hydro that I mounted on top of the shop. I put hot glue into the headphone jack and it’s not had any problems , not with water or heat.! The night shot is the raccoons it caught climbing my ladder.


Any chance of a photo of your setup how you have mounted the device outside ?


Yea I’d like to see how u done it too…


@missouriman22 my outside setup.

Phone positioning


Great lil deal there. If I come across something like that my ways I’ll get it & do like u did. Thanks for the pics… TTYL


@fordescape606 happy to share. Apparently there’s some good ideas on the Alfred Facebook page. But I don’t have Facebook, :grin:


I used a waterproof phone and simply mounted with a clip on phone holder, and waterproofed the power cable.