Option to record for longer once motion triggered




Your app is very useful but I would like the option to set a recording time once motion has been triggered. At the moment any recording stops immediately when movement stops. If it could be set to continue recording for 10/20/30 seconds etc before stopping it would help stop what should be a single clip split into multiples.

Please amend this.


Hi @tonypatillas,

Thanks for joining us at Alfred Center!

For the moment, the recording time is all in Alfred’s algorithm. Please read more here:

We are definitely taking your advice into consideration tho! Please continue to support Alfred!


I agree that there should be a option for the paying users to choose the length of the motion detection recordings


Hi @bukscam,

Thank you for pitching in!

We are definitely looking into this possibility (ie: offering longer recording length for paid users). Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!


I had a continuous stream going but the system didn’t record the full motion


Hi @saqibwn,

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First of all, Alfred does not record continuously. The Motion Detection algorithm captures recordings only when movement is detected. Please find out how to enable Motion Detection and notifications here:

Second of all, when you are watching live feed, Motion Detection doesn’t work. However, you can manually record clips that you want to keep:

Hope this helps!


Hi, motion function recocded a car pulling up but did not record person entering my garden or getting back into vehicle but did record vechile pulling away. Because of the 5 seconds rule!


Very old topic and nothing changed!


Hi @1stggman,

Thank you for reaching out.

I can see why you are disappointed. As a matter of fact, the algorithm has been adjusted for a few times over the past year with the goal of recording longer videos. We also have exciting projects at work that will make Motion Detection smarter. Please stay tuned!


Another for wanting longer recording on motion detection settings. I get a lot of 5 second clips that would be one solid 30 second clip. Most of the time the clips I get are missing a couple seconds of action that should be recorded. Please let us set a time length to record once motion is detected.

Have it send a notification as soon as motion is triggered, then it can record for 30 seconds before it sends the video. I really want it to record for 30 seconds once triggered.

When night vision is active, the motion doesn’t start nearly as fast as it does during the day time and it also cuts off at 5 seconds when the motion lasts a good 8-10 seconds. The day time motion always kicks in perfectly but it does at times cut off early when motion is still active. This is why I want it to go for at least 20 seconds when triggered.


I can’t stand that your “algorithm” is so unsophisticated. What is the point of recording video if it stops every 5 seconds? If this isn’t fixrd soon I’m out


Yes Please! The Motion detection keeps cutting out on the videos just as I am about to catch someone! Can you please set it record longer videos and keep recording as long as the motion is continuing? I would really appreciate it.


I agree. Brand new to Alfred and that’s my biggest complaint. Sorry but 5 seconds of video doesn’t do me much good.


I also agree. I get a bunch of useless 5 second video clips. I would rather be able to change it to either 15 or 30 second clips. This way I can actually see what happened.


This is what the others are in about


@mrmchesterton try a wide angle lens adapter, I have had some success with mine. They are £1 of your favourite market website.


that’ll b good to be able to record manually


Long motion detection system need option to set the record time


I love rhis it s the most awesome tweaker thing around



Thank you so much for the support!

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