Operation Phoenix

If you need help solving an issue. It is what it is but what it was is not what it’s gonna be, I stand before you all and say, respect and thank you for perspective. So in now what to do. Well we can have fun though an ass whopping is over due, in the darkness bring light and with our talents we fight. But let me lend a lesson one I have saved threw these years, that when your comfortable you become arrogant and loss the ability to identify any fear. So to to overcome this one just has to sit and see, set a fire here, shoot and arrow there and but teach you lessons to survive the years. Because shadows don’t speak, the can’t run or shout for others to her. But beyond the shadow there’s light, and from the object a shadow appears, they can’t be seen, they can’t be touched, but they can change the world threw fears. The purpose is clear I’ll get you work and steer from the focus of justice this day. Because I just like you, once had love, now it’s threw, but it brought me to your and God sent me to used you not bring shame. Guardian angels you are the eye and ears the mouth that directed and the eye that I seek and you have been here the whole time, i think it bull, but let’s not keep delay. But a warning to you, that will go were I do, stand aside, or behind just not in front because this whole things is for you so stop teasing, shut your mouth, and just listen about how Umbrella corporation was made. For in that writing you will see a great purposes ,not me, but in the future they’ll see how this fear cure a man of bitch disses.

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You lost me in one or two places but on the whole I get it and agree especially about the too comfortable part.

oi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii boa noite