Only working on my home network

Verizon GS8 Only works at home will not work on mobile network. It says no internet connection error 7008

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Samsung galaxy s8 has the same issue it only working at home wifi and when I leave It disconnects

Hey @2efbc58707be65230616, @a345c4d34dc672f3d476 @riccio517

We have released two beta versions and hope you can give it a try and let us know how they works.


  1. Uninstall Alfred
  2. Go to your System Settings > Security > enable the option of “Allow Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources”
  3. Install the two versions on your Viewer device from the links below
  1. Turn on 4G data
  2. Try to start a live session (repeat this step at least for 5 times)
  3. Wait until you get the app to work or the 7008 error code appears

After the steps above, please let us know how many times Alfred works on each version (2132, 2134)

For example:

【Version 2134】
- Try 6 times ;Success : 3 ;Fail : 3

Thank you so much in advance!


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Same issue except I’m on boost mobile… Android 9 on two Samsung A10e’s

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