One button enable/disable motion detection



I’d like to enable/disable motion detection by single button for all cameras


Hey @badmaru64,

Thanks for reaching out!

Actually you can! Please check this out:

There is a main button with which you can do that!


Thank you @sunny ,
from main settings I can turn on/off notifications. This means camera phones still able to record motion events.
I would like to enable/disable motion detection for all camera phones by single button.


Hey @badmaru64,

We don’t have this feature yet, but thanks for letting us know it might be useful for you! We’ll look into it! Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!


Bom dia!
Primeiramente parabéns pelo aplicativo Alfred.
Durante a noite o aplicativo não funciona a detector de movimento .
Tem como pagar sem ser cartão de crédito.
Sugestão poderia ser boleto.


Hi @pauloizudoro,

Thank you for reaching out!

Is your Low-Light Filter enabled? Low-Light Filter still needs a little light to work. If the area you are trying to monitor is completely dark, Alfred wouldn’t be able to function properly.

Please find some tips here for how to optimize the filter:

For the payment, sorry but it has to go through App Store/Google Play Store/PayPal. You’d need a credit card.

Hope this helps!