Offline motion detection

It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Email used for Alfred login:
Which device has the problem? Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge(At&T
Device Model Name: SMG935A
OS Version:6.0.1
AppVersion:3.5.95 build 1122

I have been issues on the above device recently since the latest updates. Mostly concerning Motion Detection. I used to catch every movement happening in the monitored area which was perfect! However, now it rarely records anything at all. I literally walked passed the camera(without smart mode) and it detected nor recorded no motion. While I’m sure you’re trying to save memory space and that’s why it is more “selective” it’s pretty concerning and discouraging to see it not functioning as it once was in this regard. So back to the topic. Sometimes, as we all know WiFi signals can be disrupted and/or weak due to varying circumstances. Is there a possibility in the future for offline motion detection? Obviously it wouldn’t send a notification but it would still record and save the data until service is restored. Just a thought from a hopeful superhero! Thanks in advance for your responses


Hi @Kyle_Palmer

Welcome to Alfred Center!! Thank you so much for giving us such a detailed description of the problems you experienced (We hope all customer support messages are as understandable as yours :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

If I may, I would like to respond to your problem and request in three parts:

  1. Motion Detection and build 1020

In your message, you told us that your Camera Device was running build 1122 but in our database, it shows that your devices are all running build 1020. Did you manage to downgrade your devices to build 1020? Does that solve the Motion Detection problem?

  1. Motion Detection and build 1122
    Actually, with the latest update (build 1122), there is a way to find out if Motion Detection is functioning:

We are not developing anything to save or limit memory space. That being said, we’d like to investigate into the Motion Detection problems as it is one of the most important features.

  1. build 1020 and build 1122
    If you are happy with build 1020, we’d be really gratified too. We are developing Alfred HD right now, and only devices running the latest version can deliver or receive HD videos. Before Alfred HD is ready for release, it is ok to stay with build 1020. We’ll make sure that video quality doesn’t undermine motion detection!
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Im having the same problem…my camera alwaya picked up night viaion motion …now NOTHING:(

All of my devices have the same build and versions as pictured above. I did not see any Red Dot for letting me know motion detection is working. And even after the past couple of days it’s still is not working. Whether it be at night or in bright light. Also, the picture above is up the tablet that I used. It is on Android version 4.4.1 KitKat. Other device I’m using is the Galaxy S7 Edge running Android 6.0.1 marshmallow. I’m having more difficulty with B marshmallow device that I am to KitKat in regards to motion detection. However my Tablet running KitKat now keeps disconnecting and I’m unable to remotely turn it back on. So every time I leave my home, it disconnects within 10 minutes and my Wi-Fi signal is still strong according to my app that is connected to my home network.

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Hi @Kyle_Palmer
Thank you for getting back to us.

Sorry that I didn’t make it clear in the last message. If your Motion Detection is activated, on your Camera Devices, you can see the Motion Detection icon at the center, and when it detects motion, the outer circle becomes red. Can you spare a few minutes and test your Camera Devices now?

I will check them later today with an update about motion detection status. New Fact I noticed it seems as though Motion Detection ceases to function once I leave my home (WiFi Network). The last Motion Event recorded is always me walking out the front door. @irene.woods.medium

In addition to my last post. As you can see in the attached photo motion detection is not working. I wave my hand in front of the camera without any detection being recorded

I noticed that if Alfred is “asleep” (no motion for some time) - he seems to take time to “wake up” and start recording…so some initial moments may be lost…

Hey @cynswithgod,

Thanks for joining the discussion! We are aware of that, and we are actually constantly working on “buffering” the Motion Events so that they will be as complete as possible. Please bear with us while we optimize this!

Do you have any reasoning for motion detection not functioning on my device at all?. It used to function perfectly fine before the last couple updates. Again build 1122 to version 3.6 .95.
Running on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge AT&T running Android 6.0.1

Hey @palmerk0802,

We took a peek at the logs and saw that you haven’t updated all your devices yet. Could you please make sure all your devices are running the latest version and see if things improve? A lot of problems could be caused by that.

Please keep us posted!

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I just manually installed them all on my devices, which should update them…

Hey @palmerk0802

Have you tried updating your devices remotely from your PC or keep them updated automatically?

Initially I was using the auto update function. However, I didn’t feel that it was actually updating the apps properly. So I disable the auto update feature, and I updated them all manually via and even have to doing that motion detection still is not functioning properly. I will get one random recording, and there’s nothing even on the recording. Nobody’s home, and there’s no movement yet it starts recording

Is it possible that you’d share with us a video clip? It would be really really helpful for our engineer and tester colleagues to identify the problem and solve it sooner for you. Thank you!!!

Sure, what specific type of clip would you like? Of motion detection, or without? Whatever circumstances you guys would like to see to identify the S you please just let me know and I will get a recording of it and send it @irene.woods.medium irene

@sunny notice the attached screen shot from the device in which motion detection isn’t working. The reminder feature is opaque, and I’m unable to switch it on

Hey @palmerk0802,

We checked and apparently there was an error when you switched this particular device from Viewer to Camera.

Please switch it to Viewer and then back again. It should fix the problem!

I will give that a go when I get home. But back to the original question LOL have you guys figured out how to add an offline motion detection feature?

Hey @palmerk0802,

That’s most probably going to take a while! We definitely ARE looking into this tho. Please stay tuned!