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What’s wrong with my camera it went offline??

It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
OS Version:

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I have the same issue.

I am using an iPhone 5S with iOS 706.

I am also using an iPhone 5c with iOS 706. When I first started using Alfred, both phones went offline after about 24 hours. I then turned off the auto lock on both phones - so far the 5c is still connected after 4 days, but the 5S went off line before 2 days of being on line.

I also have the phones set to airplane mode with WiFi enabled.



Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

We took a quick look at the connection logs and saw that one of your Camera tends to run on battery. Devices running on battery often enable power-saving mode and reduce WiFi reception capacity. To ensure continuous surveillance, we suggest you keep your Camera plugged in.

We also notice that your Cameras aren’t on a very stable WiFi connection. Could you look into that?

Please try this for a couple of days and let us know if it helps!


Hi @mjclay2003,

Thanks for reaching out!

In your case, we noticed that the WiFi connection of your iPhone 5s isn’t very stable. You can try another WiFi network to see if it works. The other possibility is that the iOS firmware running on your iPhone 5s is quite dated (iOS 8.4), and it might affect the performance of your phone, so please update it to the latest version.

Also, please avoid pressing home button or power key after you set up Camera. Instead, you can tap the Lock icon on the bottom right corner. What’s more, please try Guided Access to ensure your Camera not deter by other application. You can see how here:

Hope it helps!


Both viewer and camera, viewer virgin Mobile; camera zte


@ricardo just checked mine all good. Cloud light and shadows all being recorded. Connection stable and fast. Alerts still a bit Chrissy. But all good for free version… I don’t use webviewer


Thank you. I will give this a try!


Also, how can I check the stability of my WiFi connection such as you have? I will from 5G to 2.4G, I believe that is a better signal.


Hi @mjclay2003 ,

Thanks for reaching out back!

You can run a quick Camera Health Check to see if the connection can be improved:

Hope it helps! Let us know if the problem still exists!