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  2. App version (You can find it on the About page):4.1.11

  3. Which device has the problem (Viewer or Camera name):viewer

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    I get a notification saying
    "leaving unknown ssid what does this mean?

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what does it mean when you get a notification saying Leaving<<>>>>


We are sorry for the confusing text. The notification you received is triggered by Motion Detection Reminder. It reminds you if you want to turn on Motion Detection when your Viewer is leaving the WiFi which the Camera phone connects to.

It seems that the message was written in the wrong format now. We will change the text as soon as possible.

ماعندي الا تلفون واحد


Alfred requires TWO devices to work, one set as Viewer and the other Camera:

Alternatively, you can use one old smartphone/tablet as Camera and monitor from Alfred’s WebViewer:

We also have some tips for scoring new Camera devices for cheap here:

Hope it helps!