I’m surprised that for motion detection notifications you can not choose an alarm that lasts a long time. Indeed it is very important a motion detection and reporting. a little notification is unnoticed

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Hi @cliclac90,

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I get where you are coming from, but this is something you will have to change from your device settings. You can choose to enable, disable, or temporarily mute notifications from Alfred. The specific details about the notifications however, will have to be customized from your device.

Please look into it!


I do not speak English and I use machine translation and you do not understand my request.
I receive alfred notifications. But the ringing of notifications is too small. I would like a long bell like the alarms of awakening.


Hi @cliclac90,

Please launch Alfred, tap on the three dots on the upper right, choose Notification, and you will see this:

Tap on Tone and you will be able to select the ringtone you want.

Hope this helps!


I had already seen this choice of ringtone but all these ringtones last only a few seconds !!! I would like to be able to select an alarm like that of the awakening which lasts at least 1mn. Indeed it is very important to be able to warn of a motion detection which can be a theft!


Hi @cliclac90,

Thank you for the feedback.

We can look into that, but please bear in mind that a Motion Event could be triggered by a pet, a family member entering/exiting the house and so on. You might find it too much if a siren goes off every time there is a notification!

Auto siren

When I tap the 3 dots, my only option under Notifications is to turn it on or off. There are no options like the ones pictured for tone or vibration.
In fact, I’ve walked past to test motion detection. It records the motion, but I receive no notifications on my iPhone 7. The notifications are set to work in the app settings of the phone.
How can I receive notifications when I’m away from home?


Hey @toddsgoldens,

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The ringtone option is only available for Android for the moment. sorry for the inconvenience!

Not receiving notifications when they have been enabled is definitely not normal. Could you turn OFF Motion Detection Reminder and try again? The thing is the Reminder prompts you to turn Motion Detection off when your devices share the same network. Since you were home, that might be what happened.

Please give it a go and let me know if it works. If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll get to the bottom of this for you!


This may be a choice in the application, those that have a lot of false alerts keeps current notifications, and an alert like waking up may be another option. thank you for your attention.


We really need the possibility to put a custom sound…
like this, it is useless.


Hi @alberto.zanot,

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Adding an alarm is a possibility we are looking into. In the meantime however, Alfred does send notifications to your phone. If you see anyone suspicious, you can deter the person via Two-Way Talk:

Hope this helps!