Notification Preview problem



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  2. App version (You can find it on the About page):
    4.1.6 (build 2012)

  3. Which device has the problem (Viewer or Camera name):
    Viewer LG H873, LG G6

  4. Description (Any screenshot or video would be very helpful):
    With new version of Alfred, cannot see Notification preview when swipe down does not show full picture. I tried with old version and it works well with ALFRED 4.0.26 build 1958.
    see pictures:
    Alfred 4.1.6 Build 2012:
    Alfred 4.0.26 build 1958:

I have to click and open video everytime to make sure all is okay. Before, I used to swipe away notification because preview was visible and I know all is okay at home :slight_smile: Please fix to old style notification preview.



Thanks for reporting the issue!

We have delivered the images to our engineers and ask them to look into the issue.

If you find any inconvenience or confusing content in our app, please feel free to take a screenshot and send it to us. We will improve the user interface as soon as possible. Thank you!