Notification of motion



I have version 3.14.07 (build 1666) with a Samsung s7 viewer

Since upgrading to the pro version recently I have not been getting notifications of movement. Motion events is on for notifications



Welcome to Alfred Center!

Could you please check two things?

  1. Make sure notifications have been enabled in the app:
    How do I set up notifications?

  2. Make sure you have allowed notifications from Alfred on your device.

Chances are when the motion has occurred but the connection of your Viewer Phone is not stable, Alfred will not resend the notifications. Hope it helps!

Let us know if you need further assistance!


thanks Ricardo

I have checked all the settings on my phone and they are all correct. Notifications are allowed and background data is on. Still no notifications from two camera’s. Multiple motion events are still being recorded


Hi Alec,

Thank you for reaching out back!

Since your viewer phone is android 8.0, OS higher than 8.0 cannot receive notification when the app is not working in the background. Please lock Alfred in the background by steps below to see if the problem persists:

  1. Launch Alfred, enter the background page
  2. Press and pull the Alfred image down, then you can see the Lock icon appear on the upper right corner (Tutorial:
  3. Disable battery optimization for Alfred in your system setting so that your phone won’t stop Alfred from running in the background. (Tutorial:

Hope it helps!


Thanks Ricardo

that seems to have sorted my notifications