Not satisfied (ZOOM)

Within 5 minutes of downloading i had to upgrade to zoom and even with upgrade to premium it is still so pixelated the entire time i was not able to see during daylight… And even worse once the sun went down… I am looking for site info to request a refund since it is worthless app to me. It leterally made my camera worse then it was before the app. So why link alfred and take away all the useful features of my phone camera in the first place. Seems pointless to me i may as well just stand there and look out my window like a dummy.

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You say within 5 minutes you HAD to upgrade ? Well you didn’t have to that was obviously a choice you made even be it the wrong one.
This is the reason I have been saying that the full App should be available so people know exactly what their hardware is capable of and then just charge for the secure cloud storage. I think this person would agree.


Yes i do and ive been looking for a link to get a refund and drop this app altogether it is easier to buy a wifi camera that links directly to my phone and has its own storage that goes to cloud but havent been looki g in correct spot i guess…got any ideas on who to contact from this app?

And i didnt have to it was necessary to be able to see the chicken coop im gaurding from raccoons that habe eaten 4 of my chickens in the last year i have motion sensor lights and all that but wanted a way to see them without going outside everytime a squirrel or mouse ran through so i needed to be able to zoom. And my camera doea that until i turn on the app and it takes away the options that come standard on a old flip phone how is this a new version of camera usage. is not an upgrade supposed to make it more options instead

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Hard to watch them 24/7 without quitting my job and coons come when they feel like day or night so hard to kmow when i can expect next visit but thwy habe come in yard twice this month so i know they are testing the lights as to where they can still sneak in. So forced to pay for needed control but it didn’t add anything but super lame zoom option its not even able to lessen zoom only 1.0 or 1.5? Why.

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Might be worth a look, this was not for this device so it didn’t have the proper adapter. I just held it in place for sample.

For non Alfred advice on security camera setup