Not quite goodbye

So again. If it weren’t for my new acquisitions the IP’s.
I wouldn’t know anything about my location when away. It’s so erratically tiresome.
I’ve let the team know what I think on here and on GP.

Up to them, we all move on.
2 days max, Alfred dies constantly. Pity, you had a good product and buggered it up.

Told you what I thought, hook up with a GOOD cam manufacturer.

Oh and by the way, you’re so welcome.
At least I do know now for sure. The over a year now, you blaming my connection, chargers, updates was absolute hogwash.

I’m down to one device. That’s 5 times less hassle than before.
When that one annoys me too much, it’s gudday mate.

Be well.


Don’t go RS we need you. You teased us with your new acquisition but failed to inform us of your results. Come clean.
Best regards.

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Should I say the word relief? Not quite.
What I do have now is internet based CCTV. I went the whole hog. 1080p cams.

The problem is always the APP. Mines good, won’t mention it, but as is happens, you suggested it Pinky.

Phones will never match a damned good cam! I’ve seen CCTV about villainous peeps doing this and that. Seen those foggy images on TV?

If you’re serious about what you need protecting, get real, spend some money.

The APP you use will dictate often how things work. Check reviews. Make sure at least, that apart from paid reviews you actually see something useful.

So much isn’t real. Often people get rich quickly for offering something that doesn’t work like it should in a short time.

Be wary of that.
Best @pinky-free-user
Mate :grin:

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Someone get off my shit

You are completely correct. The stench pervades the air.

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Died again. I only have one phone working now lol! Well zero now. I doubt I’ll reboot it. I’ve tried a bundle of apps in recent days. One I haven’t used for any at all similar to this one impresses me. Why? Language, pretty straight forward.
They actually reply too.

What I’m starting to understand is that apps are a smash ‘n’ grab affair. Get the money in. Then dip out.

When that lovely and friendly, helpful asian Lady vanished, so did the app in my view.
I’m pretty certain she has a great job doing what she loves, unlike the creepy selfy crew who seem to do nothing with what was, really should be, the best app out there, but you failed. Everything has a time. I guess you just lucked out, gone for a walk. Or simply, you don’t have the talent to fix it?

Whichever it is, I’m certain you’ll do something else, because you aren’t doing it here.

Best regards.

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Cm’on Chippy, don’t mince your words, say what you really think. :astonished:

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Wot I say? I’ve been Alfred-less since I posted that! :rofl:


Update: Since folks can do what they want here.
Camhi ok. But no way perfect. Timestamps screwed up. Gmt diff not working. Dev absent.
Tried some 10 over the last few days. Nothing works properly. Plenty of promise, can’t deliver. Sounds a bit like Alfred.

As a general rule. Someone creates something and sends it out half finished. These apps are sometimes bundled with expensive cameras so I read too.

Xeoma has some promise, Zoneminder does work too. However both rely heavily on the comp, not the phone, so both are prone to outages without a power backup, batteries, well we know about those.

The idea, as I see it anyway. Is to warn you something IS happening, not that it happened.
When it worked, Alfred was the best by far at this.
Also Alfred did give you that thumbnail with each alert.
It’s surprising just how many apps don’t!

There you go. Honesty. Hard to come by these days, especially on that Island in the channel.


I forgot to add:

  • Camhi
  • PNI Smart cam
  • Keye
    Are all the same app. I’ve found numerous
    instances of copycat apps.

Also and more shockingly. There are scripts out there in in the FREE domain all usable for google play. This in turn means a dev can grab a script, stamp a logo on it, place it in google play.
This also explains the lack of updates on such software.

Now we’re off to read the GP terms of service ahain (wink).

Camhi is a generic App that different vendors use. I have used it successfully with my IP cameras to set them up and adjust the Pan tilt if necessary but as you know I view my footage through contacam. With your problem of power outage perhaps an old laptop with said software and a couple of hardwired webcams.

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Dont no wat im doing

Dude. You me both! 20 letters long

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I think the paying public need to know that, don’t you?
There are plenty of them too aren’t there.

I’ll upgrade my CCTV Cams at some point. I need a backup for my water pump in any case, might as well kill 2 birds at once.

As houses go around here, we’re IT’D to the hilt as much as can be, not much goes on ‘n’ all that.

My point is the same however. The team should get their proverbial out and get it together for real Cameras.

There’s only one app like Alfred.
Best Pinky

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Forgot. YI loT is the best of all Camera apps. However it has a flaw. It doesn’t work with IP31/32.
Sharing is shaky. Other than that, it’s never once let me down.:beer:

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