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some phones (payed app), now, with trying the update, is with the message : “your phone is not compatible” …

and now ? what happening with my (“old”) phones ?



more information : all androids : motorola and LG old smartphones …



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This seems strange, as we did not change the requirement at all. Alfred has always been compatible with devices running Android 2.3 and up.

Could you attach a screenshot in your reply to show me what you see when you try to update? We will look into it and try to figure out what the problem might be.

Hope this helps!



the models are :

LG-510f -android version 2.3.4
LG P875h - android version 4.1.2
Motorola XT531 - android version 2.3.4
Samgung S (first model) GT-I9000B - android version 2.3.3

In the end, trying so many things for a week, it works with …

  1. reset by default ( factory),
  2. reinstall (some cases, oldest phones 510 and 531), with download the APK “google Play” by (changing the oldest default ,“market”)
    3)install the Alfred.

In some cases, the problem was the limitations of old phones… does not have space/memory to work with a instaled Alfred, download another and then do the upgrade. Is too much … or do a reset factory or… delete first the “alfred” instaled and then, donwload another APP…

in specif case of the XT531, was required put a small microSD (04GB) to do the “download” and then, installl just the APP on the smartphone (I believe the APP it got too big of one version to another …).

i know, iknow, better using the newest smartphones with more space/cpu/etc… but … this is the argument of alfred, corret ? use old phones with CAM + WiFi … :wink:

please, think about it … :wink:




Thank you for the reply!

I am glad to hear it all worked out. We are aware of this problem, especially because the Google Play app has grown considerably in size recently. You can always write us an email at to get the link for the latest apk tho. That might help!


This is where my idea of an Alfred lite version would be advantageous


Totally agree. A lite version would be great for me too.


tenho umsansung chohme e nao consigo configurar o alfred , podem em ajudar


computador sansung crohme nao e compativel com alfred


sansung crohme computador nao e compativel com alfred



Thanks for reaching out to Alfred!

Please follow the troubleshooting steps below to see if the issue could be solved:

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