Not able to view saved "moments" videos on Chrome Alfred web Page

I have video footage saved on Alfred cloud which I can see from my phone, but after downloading Google Chrome to access Alfred web page, I can log in to Alfred but it only shows live video feed from my cameras and not saved videos?

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Hey @sjtucker1964,

I just replied to your email, but just in case this thread will be helpful for the others, I am posting my reply here.

For the moment, Alfred’s WebViewer doesn’t have “Moments” yet. That’s why you can’t find your saved clips there.

Don’t worry tho! You can download the clips to your phone/PC very easily! Please follow the instructions here:

Hope it helps! Please don’t hesitate to reach back out if you need any further assistance!

Hello Sunny
Thank you for the information on how to download the videos to my PC.
I have downloaded Google Chrome and Firefox to my PC, and then emailed the videos to me.
I was then able to open the link on the email to Alfred to play the dvd, and use Firefox Video Downloader to copy in MP4 format to my PC. Perfect.
Thank you very much for your help. The Alfred Security has worked wonderfully.


Hey @sjtucker1964,

You’re welcome! So glad to hear you have downloaded what you need!

We are working towards making the downloading process easier, so please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned! I hope the police are able to use the video clips as evidence so that justice can prevail!

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