Nosey people in las vegas new mexicp


Emoji here’s my story for a couple years now I’ve been on one and a friend today. One up on them I was thinking able to get video and audio extortion under the sea but then I’m going to throw them under the bus just has a Feeling all I wanted to do today was sleep but no send me your Apartments measure cement for house inspection and then for she needs to go into the Attic inside and despite in the bed now they finally got my bearings and wake up on the situation and how to defend myself everyone has an issue GI wonder why one person how many 50 states has had the decency to come up to me and Tommy’s hate this is what’s up all them real slices behind my back and I’m supposed to be okay with this how old is supposed to know I’m not okay with this and boys it’s time for some justice!!! Boy will there be Justice I’ve not only already sent surveillance to the district attorney I’ve already contacted an attorney and I will be pressing charges I’m so many people and businesses here in the Great city of Las Vegas New Mexico I can try to make an example out of me she’s on the other foot now it’s time for them to pay