No sleep function

There’s a lot to be done. I read for the first time, critical comments on google play.
Mine wasn’t there, so I guess I was honest?

Alfred has just about every permission in the World at my place, yet…
And you’ve heard this before. Connection issues, unable to reconnect after signal loss.
I read that I’m not alone at all, in fact people with wired connections have the same issue. So… can’t be my crappy provider then, can it.

You have to find a way to make the app force a connection after signal loss.
Mine are set to start the app on reboot, but this isn’t the issue.
Battery trouble aside. I’ll give you 5 stars if you make this happen.

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Thank you for your feedback! We truly appreciate it.

Normally, Alfred automatically reconnects to the Internet when it becomes available again.

The WiFi signal showing on your phone notification panel doesn’t really reflect the quality/speed of the connection. However, you can try the tips here to make sure your Camera device is set up in a strong network environment:

We will also look into improving the connectivity as best as we can! Let me know if you have any other question/feedback.

Now I have IP cams alongside Alfred, plus my CCTV.
Which works best?

I’m guessing the IP cameras as I find the CCTV DVR software to be a bit clunky for quick access to specific events.

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Hands down, IP Cams!
They have swiveling heads, follow me through the house.

  • Power outage? No problem, come back straight away.
  • No battery worry.
  • HD 1080p
    They catch the odd fly too.

Still waiting for a phone replacement battery from China…

IP wins by a half mile/bit more of a km :wink:

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And don’t forget proper infrared night vision

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It’s grey, but it does work, both inside and out.