No Problem With UP GRADE! # SuperHero # EyeInTheSky # #BionicHearing



ALfred enables me to be a “Super Hero”, of sorts, (Without the tights. :laughing:) Alfred lets me have increadable hearing over vast distances along with sight that can reach around the world. Without “Leaps and Bounds” or “Who was that masked man?” I can make Bad Guys think twice with bright light :sun_with_face: function, Plus the ability to activate the Wailing :rotating_light: siren. Ensuring with the microphone where i can announce to whomever that the incident has been recorded and if the :oncoming_police_car: Police are in route to cart them off to JAIL.
Thank you for much peace of mind Alfred!!! You are my “Super Hero!”
Little Rock, Arkansas


Hey Ray,

Thanks for sharing your Alfred experience with us! We’re glad that you enjoy Alfred as much as we do! :smiley:

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Have a nice day!