No picture


I can hear audio from camera, but no video. Hope this is fixable

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Can you see video on the camera device when you start Alfred ?


the camera is in a vacant house. Watching from desktop 1300 miles away. Now no picture but do have sound


What is the device ? Is it on WiFi or mobile data ?


Mobil data…



Please avoid exiting the session within a few seconds when you enter the live-viewing session. You can try to give Alfred a little more time and see what happens. If that doesn’t work, try to initiate a live-viewing session again.

If the issue persists, it might indicate a connection issue on your Viewer’s side. This mostly happens when the connection between your devices is a relay connection instead of P2P. However, as long as your Camera is connected, it should still be working normally. You can still find the recordings later in your Event Book.

We suggest you can wait a while to see if the problem persists or just try to connect to a different network (office network, free WiFi…)

Let us know if you have further question/feedback.


I have 2 cameras setup. The one outside my door works fine, but the one in Florida (I’m in NY) is the problem. I’ve tried 2 different computers here as well as the app on my phone, also trying to connect using data rather than home wifi. Still no picture even after waiting several minutes. I get sound but still no picture. This worked a week ago. Thanks for help


I managed to replicate your scenario. I left the lock screen on after pressing the power button, this didn’t happen straight away but this morning I had sound but not video just a spinning buffering animation. I have physical access to the device so just pushed the power button again and the screen went black and the video started up. This is still a real pain that you need to constantly check All your devices, for me as a free user not such a big issue because I have two choices, use it or don’t,. But as a paying customer where you have to supply all the hardware the internet the WiFi networks and mobile data and then fault find a fix any and every issue I think I would be a little disappointed.



We noticed that your Cameras are running a rather old version of Alfred. Could you please update Alfred on both of your Camera devices to see if the issue persists?

Please follow the link below to download/update Alfred on your device.


Thanks for sharing your experience, Dave. Does this issue occur on all of your Cameras?


I don’t know Ricardo I haven’t tried to replicate it. This happened accidentally whilst I was demonstrating my set up to a friend and left the screen on accidentally.


The versions aren’t that old. Why should an older version not work anyway? I don’t have access to the camera that is the problem
I managed to get picture this morning a couple of different times, but after a few seconds the picture and sound froze.



We update Alfred regularly to optimize the performance. If your Camera is out of reach, you can actually update it from your PC!

Please find out how here:

Does your Camera still record Motion Events for you?


I just use for viewing as I’m on limited data


Wonderful. Now I get camera offline.
Thanks for telling me to upgrade


If you search this forum I have previously warned users to be able to manually upgrade the camera device before trying the online method as I have found and warned users that the online method for me often closes the camera device.


Alfred camera on SM-G975F