No picture, but sound


after few days of good work my Samsung mobile (camera) doesn’t show me what’s going on. My iPad (receiver) says “successful login”, but network status is “normal” and not “good” as usual. Any idea?
Kind regards!
Anja (Germany)

I’ve no picture, but sound!


Hi @lottibella77,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Do you mean when you enter the Live session, there is only sounds but no picture? Please check whether the Camera drops to the floor if you have physical access to the Camera Phone now. In the meantime, you can run a camera health check to find out your connectivity status:

Hope it helps!


God what a joke! Everything is always the so called customers fault. Really I would think you guys would just fix your D@m app instead of playing the good old politician. Ya know blame everyone else instead of doing your D@m jobs.

Thanks for being worse at customer service than Xfinity or Comcast ever could think of being.


Hi Danny,

Welcome to Alfred Center!

Would you like to tell us a bit more about the problems you have experienced? We would like to figure things out for you!

Please keep us posted!


Absolutely not! I’ve already dealt with enough of Alfred’s so called help, I was just stating a fact!


@djm19761 sir/madam I believe you are being a little harsh , if you compare the number of users to the number of issues you will see that problems are very low in percentages and you can half that again if people were using their reading skills to understand the instructions that are presented in many languages.
I gave up responding to many questions on here as they were so dumb and basic like loading the App on the phone and not seeing anything because they have only put it on one phone and not set up a camera device, or logged in on a different account.
All relevant questions are answered promptly here and many users try to assist. @ricardo is a copy and paste God bless him because most of the question are the same where people can’t be bothered to help themselves. Where the problem is the limitation of the app or device the Devs make it very clear.


@djm19761 your Very welcome, always happy happy to help a fellow human being.