No notifications for phone in trust circle (only recently)

I have been using a device in another user’s trust circle for years, and always got sound and popup notifications for motion. Recently, with no changes to the account, I do not get notifications for this camera. The camera owner still does. All notifications ARE still turned on on my device, and I even uninstalled and reinstalled the App. Still no notifications. Checked permissions for app (which i hadn’t changed) and they are all on…

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Hi @kfallstich,

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This does seem unusual. Would you be able to get the Camera owner to remove you from the Trust Circle and then add you back?

Let me know if this helps!

That absolutely fixed the issue! Thank you so much – I was getting very frustrated!

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My sister and I noticed the same issue. No notification from trust circle cameras for at least the past week. Tried restarting all the phones and clearing cache. Well try to re-inviting each other to the trust circle next. Hope it works!

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Removing the person from trust list, then re-adding them is what fixed this problem for me on samsung galaxy j5.

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Hi @vickyshilzony,

Thank you for reaching out!

Has re-adding the person worked for you? Please keep me posted!

I am very sorry. I did not see this message.
Yes, this appears to solve the problem. It does happen from time to time, but since there is a cure.
Everything seems fine.

Thank you very much indeed.
Getting cold here! :laughing:

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