No motion detection notification


After recent update cameras seem to be recording events but not sending notifications. Motion detection is on. Cameras are all S5 and connected to internet. Viewer is an S7. Anyway to get a credit towards my premium account for the weeks that the system has not been working correctly.



Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Could you please check two things?

  1. Make sure notifications have been enabled in the app:
    How do I set up notifications?

  2. Make sure you have allowed notifications from Alfred on your device.

Chances are when the motion has occurred but the connection of your Viewer Phone is not stable, Alfred will not resend the notifications. Hope it helps!

Let us know if you the situation persists.


Funciona bien, pero ahora cuando detecta los movimientos no me los notifica a mi celular. Además, Ya me asegure que este en alto detectar movimientos por la noche y no detecta ninguno hasta que amanece, y a parte cuando en el día detecta los movimientos mi celular cámara no me los notifica.


Uninstalled the app and installed is again seemed to help. Will monitor. Thanks


Hola Beatriz,

¡Bienvenido a Alfred Center!

There are two things we need you to check:

  1. Were you watching live feed on your Viewer Phone when the movement took place? Alfred’s Motion Detection doesn’t work when there is a live session going on. If you end the live-viewing session and try again, Motion Detection should work.

  2. If you were not watching live feed, please check your Event Book to see if you can find the recording:

If you can find the recording but didn’t receive a notification, please make sure notifications are properly set up:

Let us know if this helps!


Hola, buen dia, antes de mandar mi msj de que las notificaciones no llegan a mi celular verique todo lo que usted me comenta, ya cheque que todo esté activado.
Además, no detecta ningún movimiento por la noche hasta que amanece y hay luz comienza a detectarlos.


Hola Beatriz,

Alfred’s Low-Light Filter still needs a little light to work. Please find some tips for optimizing its performance here:

If you need further assistance, you can always send us a screenshot or a link to an Event so we can take a look and give you more specific advice.

Hope this helps!