No Audio on Live Stream

My camera during the live feed will not produce any audio, but it will show audio in the recorded videos when motion is detected. It is even telling me that audio is on, can someone help me because I am not sure what to do at this point.

It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Camera
Device Model Name: iPhone 5C
OS Version: 10
AppVersion: newest

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Hey @athas.alyssa12,

Thank you so much for reaching out!

Oh this is strange. Does this happen every time?

Could you try one thing for me? During a live-viewing session, if you tap on the triangle that says “network status,” does it say camera audio on or off?

Let me know so I can figure it out for you!

My camera during the live feed will not produce any audio

yes it says audio on

I also am having audio issues ???

Hey @toriherman2,

Thank you for reaching out! What seems to be the problem? Do you not hear anything? Is it during live-viewing sessions or when you are watching Events?


Hmm this is strange. Have you tried to adjust the volume for example? How about Motion Events? Does audio work for those?

First off , its all 5 devices , its random but 75/25 on no audio. It sounds like its in an empty room & turned way down but its really not on. ?? [BTW…im the 1 running 5 devices on 2 cell phone carrier limits (2G & 8G @ mth…i got wi-fi !! So i upgraded !! Yeah me]

Tried permissions ,uping vol. ,browsed thru random settings…but…still , working 25% oc the time ?

Not at volume too high .


How about Motion Events? Can you hear anything when you are watching Motion Events?

I GOT IT!! It was another app that was turning off audio. …spywear. Duh & A~duh ! Sorry. My bad :blush:

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Hey @toriherman2,

OOO thank you so much for the update! So glad to hear you figured it out!

Incidentally, out of sheer curiosity, why would you run Alfred and spyware at the same time?

ive had My Pal Al for almost a year. Recently my phones have been dying quickly & going berzerko,(like when you call Verizon&they “take over” your home computer) so i thought id run a spywear & check it out…(that was a negative). I never used spywear & thought i could “whitelist” Al , but it still screwed it up apparenlty. I disabled it , but its been a week now & either I picked a crappy 4.2 star app or its just something else ??? Thanks Sunny for gettin back to me so quick& so often!! I’ve NEVER , E V E R seen customer so AMAZING!!!

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Uh , Sunny…that wasn’t it , I guess??? I (THINK) I uninstalled all the spy stuff but, to no avail. I just have a low buzz. Like an empty,quiet room & I AIN’T got none of those here!(lol). .•°○ do u think m/b the volume was turned down internally? Like w/ those dialer code things??? My kids have always been saavy ??? M/B? possibly ?

Hi @toriherman2,

How far apart are your devices? If they are in the same room, some feedback (like the low buzz you are describing) is normal.

Nope,nope &nope.
…i know those just sounds like an empty room. When I’m wearing my JBLs,a car going by blasts me, this is monotone. All devices . Live & recorded. 1 of my devices is so good if I put it in the living room/end of the hall I can hear ppl talking (at a normal volume ) in EVERY room of the house. I’m stumped. I put the “main” viewer back to original defaults (BIG MISTAKE) but still ,NUTTIN ???

Can u guys look up/at my recordings? Compare 2 wks ago & today?? Its ok w/me.

Hey @toriherman2,

We actually have no access to anyone’s live feed/videos! All we can see is statistics.

If you want to share a clip to show us what you have (not) been hearing, you can send us an Alfred TV link. Here is how to create one:

Since I only speak computer A-DUH!! I THINK that the good phone is “stuck on headphone mode”. I tried q-tip&paper clip , tonight we try rice. After that…well , you (i’m guessing) have a Whole I.T. team at your disposal so I’ll be asking for advice. BTW as soon as I figure it out I’ll send some clips to compare, if they still want them if it is just stuck on “headphone mode”. Thx again Sunny