No alerts until Alfred is open


If I restart my phone or it’s been on for awhile I get no alerts. I thought it might be because some battery saver feature was closing idle apps. What is the things we need to know about this? Does the Alfred app have to remain open or nothing works on our phones? How can we be sure to get notifications, because most of us are constantly opening and then closing all apps at times? Sometimes my phone restarts itself or I do the ‘close all’ apps. Any way to visually see if the app is active on our phone? If I close the Alfred app manually I do still seem to get notifications. But if I restart my phone and don’t open Alfred manually I get no notifications.


I had this problem too. So frustrating. For me it was my providers signal that was very weak, nonexistant and/or fluctuating.

Usually that means they want you to upgrade I found :grimacing:


Hi @heliuscron,

Thanks for reaching out!

You should be able to receive notification as long as the notification setting has been turned on. You do not have to keep Alfred running on your Viewer Phone. Please check out more information here:

Chances are when the motion has occurred but the Internet connection of your Viewer Phone is not stable, Alfred will not resend the notification to your Viewer Phone. Hope it helps!


Background data may be set to restricted in the settings of your phone, or sync for the internet and app data under your phone account may not be syncing as well. Hope this helped.



Web of Cam, the Offline version of Alfred would work with just a non internet wifi access point (your own WiFi card even broadcasted as WiFi network), if you find the internet spotty in your area leaving Alfred to disconnect to many times too record anything.