Night Vision/Low light filter!



When I turn on this option I only see a green screen,nothing else.Could you post your for comparison.



Anyone please? Thanks …


it’s not total dark yet but this is how it looks here


Thanks yeah looks like little light in there.But in total darkness it doesn’t work at all.


Hi @bizuca.das,

Thank you for reaching out!

Alfred’s Low-Light Filter is a filter that processes the images in such a way that the silhouettes still shows when there isn’t enough light. However, since it is not infrared, it doesn’t work in total darkness.

Please find out how to optimize this feature here:

Hope this helps!


I get this too, but only occasionally. When I get it, the only thing that fixes it is to close the Alfred app completely (making sure process is dead) reboot my phone, and launch Alfred again. It’ll go back to normal for a while – sometimes two, three or four days, but then the camera will show a completely black (colour black) screen that when I switch it to night mode then turns solid green. This is happening right now on my phone, so I’ll take some screen shots and edit this post to include them.

To be honest, it’s becoming a bit of a problem. While I’m at home (which is most of the time) I’m there to sort the problem out, but when I’m relying on Alfred for home security when I’m away on holiday, it’ll be useless after the first few days.


Green: low light on
Black: ‘normal’ light on.

(and yes, nothing is blocking the lense and the room is well lit :-))


Some times it just doesn’t seem to be worth the hassle.


Hi Ben,

Thanks for reporting the issue!

It seems that Alfred is not getting the preview image from your Camera at all. Could you please answer a few questions so that we can look into it for you?

  1. Does this happen on other Cameras you own? If so, do they happen at the same time?
  2. When you see the green and black images on your Viewer phone, what do you see on the Camera device? Is it also green or black? It would be helpful if you could provide some screenshots!

We are sorry for any inconvenience. We’ll try to help you fix it as soon as possible. Please keep us posted!


Hi Ricardo,

It always happens to the same two cameras – both Kindle Fire 7" tablets.

The problem does not happen at exactly the same time, but it will inevitably happen within a few days of each other.

I’ve already included two screen shots of the black and green screen. I’m afraid there’s nothing else I can provide that would be of any use.

By the way, this ‘back/green’ issue happens on any viewing device I look through – whether it be a desktop browser or through an Android or Apple Alfred app.

As mentioned previously, the only way to bring the camera ‘back from the dead’ is to exit the Alfred app, reboot, then start it all up again.

In the process of writing this post, I’ve noticed one of the Kindle Fires is doing this again. The other is OK and working, but will probably do the same thing soon.

I hope that provides some insight :wink:


Hey Ben,

Thanks for informing us about this. We will report it to our engineering team and get back to you as soon as we get a solution.

Please stay tuned!


Hey Ben,

We discussed with our engineering team and unfortunately, it seems that the issue is related to hardware limitations. The video gets broken when the Camera device is sending it to our server. The only ways to fix it is to enter live session again or reboot the app.

Here is another thing you can try: switch to front camera and see if the issue persists.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know if you have other questions.


I’ll give the front facing camera a try then. As it’s a much lower resolution, perhaps it won’t have the same problems. Should the front facing camera also eventually fail (show a permanently black screen and green in low-light) I’ll come back here and update this thread.

If nothing else, it might help someone else in the future trying to use a Kindle Fire with the Alfred app.

Lastly, thanks for your help, Ricardo and team.


Just for the record:

This problem happens whether you use the front or back camera on a Kindle Fire tablet.

So in summary, you can sideload the Google Play Store on a Kindle Fire and install the Alfred app. And it’ll appear to work brilliantly for a while as well. But sooner rather than later, the camera will stop working and all you’ll see in the viewing app/browser is a black screen. Turning on ‘night vision’ will turn the screen green for a short while before it reverts back to black. The only way to fix this problem is to exit the Alfred app and restart it, although most of the time, to truly fix it, you have to restart the Kindle Fire. Shame, I as wonder how many abandoned Kindle Fires there must be in drawers around the world that could make perfectly good Alfred cams.


@benjohnmiller Please try this link and maybe try a little more research as I only did a quick search to try and find out if the camera was using software to render or hardware by the specs are not available.


Thanks for the suggestion. However, I’ve circumnavigated the problem by buying an extremely cheap Android smartphone for use solely with Alfred. I’ll see how I get on. It’ll be worth the expenditure if it works consistently :blush:


@benjohnmiller my most reliable Alfred is a lg d100 about £20. But unfortunately that is still more expensive than a standalone IP camera.


A night light is enough for night vision even if not to good image


@acavindra and your point is if you want a poor image then use Alfred and a night light ? I’m guessing that you are not in sales ?


@pinky-free-user… Car hit neighbors place, knocked out electric wires connected to my place, outside light not working, a nightlight I set up helps enough to see when dark, phone camera set up as peep hole cam.


Ok it all makes sense now. Just one question ?