Night vision, 24/7 recording

Hi it worked for one cam not the worst garage one, the pics I sent can u send a link for the old alfred ty

Yes I watched it. Im getting you the radio show info also.

Hi, yeah my night vision is mostly gone. I tried swaping cameras but no luck. The old alfred would not download,…just be ready when there is a google play store update to make it like it was bafore. Will say daytime pic is great, just lost night vision, it either all white or a lil blue but can’t tell what I’m looking at anymore in night mode on two diff cams.

Hi @Shawn_Gries

I don’t understand why old Alfred won’t download…Hmm… Have you tried uninstalling your Alfred and reinstalling version 968?

No but I can tomorrow…I will and let you know.

You were rt, I had to remove Alfred then do the dropbox install of the old Alfred. Ty I do have a ?, how many alfred cams can I use? I think it’s 4 but not sure, I want to add another. Also I’m going to try and promote you on Google+ now, rate you so on.

Yes I do! For the fact criminals as well as spouses that are cheating never estimate the hour that the incident will occur…!!! I know first hand on both counts

I see this is an older thread, but still want to add my views on the 24/7 recording option. Well, a bit more trickier than 24/7. A scheduled one. Like from Monday to Sunday to have a schedule that I can easily set up as if it was an alarm clock. Just a FROM to UNTIL on a day. Example: Monday FROM 21:00 UNTIL 09:00, Friday FROM 22:00 UNTIL 08:00 and so on. Motion detection is great. But sometimes it can be slow. It can skip over that 1 second which mattered most. With a continuous record that precious second of a critical event would had been captured. Obviously the advantage that Motion Detection has is the alert notification, but it does not exclude the option to still have a motion detection alert notification while the ongoing continous recording is happening. It’s a million ways trickier that’s for certain. But it would be nice. It’s a “make a wish” topic, so I made a wish. Have a 7 week schedule for ongoing recording schedules, and still have motion detection alert notification sent to the viewer phone. It could make a huge difference to have or to miss that 1 important second which the current Motion Detection misses when it starts capturing.


where does the total recording lies or where can i see my recordings

Hi @mnk08093,

Thank you for reaching out!

You can see your recordings by going to your Event Book. Please tap on the icon on the bottom right of your camera thumbnail, and you will see the list of Events.

Hope this helps!

I know this has not been visited for a while, but I also second (or third) the option of 24/7 recording. I would pay a premium for this. My Nexus 6P is not good at capturing motion capture. Someone keeps stealing my mail, and I’ve had a problem in the past with the municipal snow plow hitting my car (not all of the footage was captured) and an armed home invasion that was not picked up by Ring. Sometimes, we need a fail-safe.

Also, I’d like to be able to change my username on here. It seems to have been automatically generated. Since it is my real name, it makes me feel unsafe to be discussing how my security is set up in a public forum.



Welcome to joining us at Alfred Center!

24/7 recording is a feature we plan to work on in the near future. Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!

If you want to change your username at Alfred Center, you can send a direct message to me and state the new username. I’ll help you change it as soon as I see the message.

24 hour recording would make this app worthwhile.
The reason why it would be superior to motion capture recording is that, motion capture does not record for long enough, or fast enough if someone walks past the camera really quickly, it has started recording but they have already passed.
Also, sometimes it doesn’t activate at all.

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When it comes to night vision you need an infrared light source. Also on your camera device you will have an infrared lens filter which can be removed on some devices but is a very tricky task as the device has to be stripped down to get to the lens which is very tiny and fragile. Out of the one’s I’ve examined the lens component was sealed and I felt that trying to remove the filter would permanently damage the lens. Also you would need to be able to filter ordinary light to make it clear, this is achieved by using exposed celluloid film. There are videos of how to achieve this on certain video sites with a webcam which I have done myself but have failed to achieve the same results on a mobile/cell phone.

You can not have proper night vision without proper night vision hardware.


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I agree the night vision is very hard to see …even when u pay.

Hi Chris,

Alfred’s Low-Light Filter still needs a little light to work. Please find some tips for optimizing its performance here:

If you need further assistance, you can always send us a screenshot or a link to an Event so we can give you more specific advice.


No need for continuously recording. The camera is continually on… monitoring. The Motion Activation NEEDS to be honed a bit. The wind (breeze) in the tree sets it off all day! The sun rising or setting or flickering sets it of. Pretty sure the slow moving shadows from the clouds set it off. Static from the night vision filter sets it off. The damn trash truck has failed to set it off before. People walking have failed to set it off or is cut badly. I have videos where I went to see what the fuss was… nothing for a couple seconds then a car on the road then nothing. This last example is how it should/needs to work with vehicles and people. I have had it miss adults in the lot walking but yet a small ass cat it gets. I could live with the wind and other false hits IF it would record the PEOPLE and VEHICLES as it should. Ideally the AI would know a tree blowing or light or static and only get what matters. Also… why can we only manually record 30 seconds and not at least the full 2 minutes!!! Or longer. What if something is going on and it goes for sometime. If I am viewing and not hitting it for mere 30 second clips I miss out or, if I hit record and have to abruptly go to the scene leaving the phone or leaving it on viewing that cam and record nothing. Sure would suck to have that happen, be assaulted and have no recording. Would be nice if it still triggered motion recordings while viewing the camera!!!

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Its funny i have 2 min recordings of shadows and trees limbs moving in the wind but when someone walks by it’s a really fast 5 sec and when I manually hit record it only does 30 sec. How can I get the min each time?

Same here. Motion detection has been improved with AI, unfortunately AI is very choosy about what he records. He seems like like clouds and bushes and most of the movement of mother nature. He also likes cars from afar but seems to get bored quickly, about five seconds is his attention span. My Alfred used to be a bit more attentive but now you have to be in his face to get his attention.

There’s no recording of our postie walking up to the door.