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If night vision could be a little sharper and also 24/7 recording that rewrites say after 7 days. Also please use me and my messages for promoting Alfred. I have been Police and Security 24yrs now and I’ve used all kinds of camera systems. I’d now rate it a 4.9 out of 5! I tried many apps before Alfred, really impressed. If night vision sharpness and 24/7 recording with a 7 day rewrite were done I’d rate 5.0! Love this and all who make it happen. You make me feel safe at home


Hey @Shawn_Gries, I mean, Sir,

We’d really really like to know why you need 24/7 recording!!! Would you join our discussion here?

Alfred is a free mobile app that turns your smartphones into home security cameras


Of course, I have worked Security and police for 24 years now. I have used every kind of security camera system. I also live on site, managing my apt complex. 2 yrs ago xmas eve my upstairs neighbor, while I and my oldest son were sleeping was murdered. The local paper interviewed me. I now have 3 alfred cams, had none then. Well in my long career you sometimes never find, or realize incidents until days later. If my alfred cams even recorded for just 7 days straight then re wrote you could go back and figure more things out. Plus I always can’t watch my notifications, I actually have 4 jobs and work different shifts day, second and third every week. Believe me, many, many times days later in positions I’ve had going back and watching cam video is a huge help.


Hey Shawn,

Wow that’s a gruesome story! We can definitely see why security is so important for you!

Did you know that you can keep all the clips for 7 days (for the ones you want to save, you can click on share to generate permanent links)? Do you think this might be effective? If you realize something happened a few days ago, you most probably have a motion-triggered event in your cloud somewhere!


Dear Shawn

This worries me. I don’t like it when Alfred is not performing at his best.
May we know more about the problem? Can we have a few screenshots of the notifications you received?


Step 1:
Click on the Motion Detection button (the button with radar, shadows and number)

Step 2: Tap on the gearwheel button on the upper right

Step 3: Choose how long you want to keep the events.

The events are accessible here in the Event Book for 1 or 7 days, depending on your setting. If you want to keep the videos for good, ad the end of each video, you can generate a permanent, secure, and encrypted link. Several of our users used the links for police reports and court trials.


Here is a pic of wht my night vision of my garage looks like now, you cant see the garage only a little snow,…I used to be able to see the garage I uploaded the before and after


Dear @Shawn_Gries

As you probably know, we improved our video engine with the latest update, Alfred Android 1002. It was designed to be awesome but unfortunately before Android 4.2 many phone manufacturers didn’t comply with Google/Android requests fully so after the release we found that Alfred Android 1002 is not performing as well as expected on certain models. Luckily our genius developers found a solution in merely two days and now we are giving a private beta apk to affected testers.

It wasn’t a pleasant week for the Alfred team because we had such high hopes for Alfred Android 1002 and something out of our control is undermining Alfred. All in all, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you. You were really helpful to or community by bringing this issue to our attention and sharing with us photo information. You are more than awesome!!!

Please let us know if the 1002 private beta apk solves your problem. If not, we can revert your device to an older version before the next beta test is ready.


Ty, you guys are very sweet. I downloaded dropbox on all my device’s and did the fix you sent. We will see tonight when it’s dark. I know this is a free app and I love it. Just the last play store update was not good with my device’s. When I get some free time, I have 4 jobs…I’m going to promote you on google+. I’m already soo use to having Alfred that when the play store update made my viewing worse I was really bummed. Anyway ty and the team I’m still overly happy and hope thousands more actually use Alfred. On a side note there is a local radio show here, I’ve met and know some of the on air personalities and have told them about Alfred, and to promote it. Of course I have promoted on my FB as well.


Nothing matters more than connecting you with the people and place you care about. That is what we believe in. We believe that the need for a stronger sense of security is universal, and we believe that with everything we already have-- smartphones, home wifi, mobile network-- that sense of security should be easily accessible.

We are just a group of app developers. We need superheroes like you to help us check if we are fulfilling your needs.


Truth be told, this 1002 private beta apk was developed to fix color problems like this and this, so I am not too confident in its ability to improve night vision, but…this is the best I can do right now. If this apk doesn’t work, I know that the developers are coming up with the next beta test, and I’ll make sure that you are the first one to have it when it is ready. Or, like I said earlier, I can revert your device to version 968. Disappointing you is the last thing I want. Again, thank you so much for the warm support. It is always a delight to come to Alfred Center after reading too many user complaints.

Your encouragement can always turn me from



That is AMAZING!!!

May we know which radio station and host you are connecting us with? Do you think we can send them a press kit? With information about the app, instructions and true user stories, and our contact information?

Most of our users are husbands, which is totally understandable because home security is a manly topic, but we see a subtle increase in the number of female users, moms mainly. We want to reach more parents and pet owners, if possible. Each show has different audience, husbands, parents, adult children, frequent travelers, college students, we can prepare a press kit for the host to facilitate introduction, if you/they don’t mind.

Hey, out of curiosity, have you watched this?


Hi it worked for one cam not the worst garage one, the pics I sent can u send a link for the old alfred ty


Yes I watched it. Im getting you the radio show info also.


Hi, yeah my night vision is mostly gone. I tried swaping cameras but no luck. The old alfred would not download,…just be ready when there is a google play store update to make it like it was bafore. Will say daytime pic is great, just lost night vision, it either all white or a lil blue but can’t tell what I’m looking at anymore in night mode on two diff cams.


Hi @Shawn_Gries

I don’t understand why old Alfred won’t download…Hmm… Have you tried uninstalling your Alfred and reinstalling version 968?


No but I can tomorrow…I will and let you know.


You were rt, I had to remove Alfred then do the dropbox install of the old Alfred. Ty I do have a ?, how many alfred cams can I use? I think it’s 4 but not sure, I want to add another. Also I’m going to try and promote you on Google+ now, rate you so on.


Yes I do! For the fact criminals as well as spouses that are cheating never estimate the hour that the incident will occur…!!! I know first hand on both counts


I see this is an older thread, but still want to add my views on the 24/7 recording option. Well, a bit more trickier than 24/7. A scheduled one. Like from Monday to Sunday to have a schedule that I can easily set up as if it was an alarm clock. Just a FROM to UNTIL on a day. Example: Monday FROM 21:00 UNTIL 09:00, Friday FROM 22:00 UNTIL 08:00 and so on. Motion detection is great. But sometimes it can be slow. It can skip over that 1 second which mattered most. With a continuous record that precious second of a critical event would had been captured. Obviously the advantage that Motion Detection has is the alert notification, but it does not exclude the option to still have a motion detection alert notification while the ongoing continous recording is happening. It’s a million ways trickier that’s for certain. But it would be nice. It’s a “make a wish” topic, so I made a wish. Have a 7 week schedule for ongoing recording schedules, and still have motion detection alert notification sent to the viewer phone. It could make a huge difference to have or to miss that 1 important second which the current Motion Detection misses when it starts capturing.