New versions

I have been using Alfred since June 2017 the app as it was then work great on all my phones each time a new version comes out either becomes unusable on an older phone or I lose something like I can no longer View anything that was done before the current app on anything except the one phone that I didn’t update now I can’t view any of the links I saved where there used to be the video and then you could press the arrow to start it and then save it to the phone and give it a correct name instead of the bunch of numbers that mean nothing which whole process took like 5 minutes for 1 5 second video now I get a blank black screen where they used to be the video no changes to my phone

Hi @randolphroylehmann,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Could you try enter your video link through PC and see whether you can view them normally? In the meantime, please update Alfred to the latest version. To save videos on your device, please check out how here:

Hope it helps! Let us know if you need further assistance!