New logo design

That’s it? Your corporate vision?
It took one whole week to create that?
A triangle with a box underneath, then a play triangle?
I’ve always liked your color schemes, but doubt very much, unless you are a corporate thief, it would mean anything to a lay person taking your possessions :grin:
Oh God wait! It was that office party made you think of this?
Just joking, but it does not say anything to me.
Just a corporate image, which isn’t what the app is for.

Best regards.


Hi Chippy,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the new logo. Our design team did have put a lot of effort into designing and choosing the best logo based on Alfred’s core values. For me, I think the new logo gives a simple and warm feeling.

We appreciate your feedback and if you have any doubts, please let us know and we’d like to ask our design team colleagues to share their design concepts with you. I’m sure that they’d really love to do so. :slight_smile:

We wish you all the best in 2019!

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“Wanna get longer motion events”
Is indeed a very corporate line lol!


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What about an old bloke with a beard that looks like colonel sanders drinking a lofty coffee ?
I believe he’s available for a new contract !

Stay with what you feel. A bean is a bean. It cannot be changed. So a bean it is. The location of the plantation will also make an impact.

  1. Bean
  2. Location
  3. Impact factor

What makes your coffee beans better?
From there you might get an idea?



Alfred was named after Alfred Pennyworth, the butler off of Batman. I feel the logo and theme colors should have stayed the same, but all they had to do was rename the product to ALFIE, then it would have been a new brand.

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What is the scope for graphic design?

Graphic Design is defined as the procedure of visual communication which combines words, images, and ideas to present the information to the audience. Pictures are the most operative means of communication and graphic design entails this wonderfully well. The graphic designer is an expert in solving the difficulties associated with the visual communication.

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Alrighty then lol!
Of course, I know nothing, got rather friendly around here of late. Never mind, I have ZM fired up and testing.
When I have a tech question, I’ll ask and answer to myself.
Sometimes it’s better that way.
Kind regards, tata.

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@RabidSquirrel you’ve gone the ZM route ?
Keep us updated

Every time people criticize someone’s logos, I ask them a simple question: could they do something quality and unique? If yes, what about making 50 variations of the same logo for the project? Completing 100 projects? It’s not an easy task, believe me; check out any project’s logo history on the Internet, you’ll be surprised by the amount of work it actually demands. It’s even more difficult to find your target audience to make a logo people interested in your product will like; you also have to understand the basics. Here’s the source, you can check out for yourself that creating any promotional content is not so easy that it seems.

I never knew there was so much to it. I guess you have to be really intelligent to draw a picture. Or just not be smart enough to know when you are being ripped off. I notice that it’s easy to spend some one else’s money like a government or an agency or a committee. But it’s slightly different when you are a company unless it’s a really big company and your friend owns the design company with which you can do some sort of tax fiddle.

Half a million of the queen’s finest sterling for a logo payed for by tax payers ! Yes graphic designers would have you believe it’s a very unique talent.

Goodness. Haven’t posted on here in a while, no point…


Perhaps before you go wading in with boots kicking and lashing out at strangers, you perhaps ought to think first before your varicose veins explode?

So you’re after the job then?

Firstly, I wouldn’t have even posted anything about the logo had it not been for a useless icon choosing game in which the majority were ignored in favor of an
in-house design.

There was also another game to find the old Alfred logo. That wasn’t honored either. Then it changes again.

Secondly, there’s absolutely no way I would entertain such a project given attitudes.

Thirdly, you should do your homework. I’ve been working on design in 4, I said 4 different professions. The first was 30 years. I have some BIG names I could share, but I won’t bore you!

3 other professions were purely digi design, lately incorporating 3D animations, artwork and design.

Could I do it? Ask yourself if I could.

I’m also a qualified comp tech. Composer, well you get it…

I’m as entitled to my opinion, which of late has no purpose within the spectrum of this forum as you are. I’m clearly better educated too, since I do not go around verbally attacking, not least in the hope someone would hire me.

On that note. If this was your purpose, to get a logo job here. I’m hoping your arrogant nature will insure nobody reads your resume.

Good day


Hi Chippy. Welcome back

Let’s make one thing clear please, I’m not back.

Seen enough, done enough.
Will people learn?

We’ll see, but that seeing, may change things for the better, if allowed. I make no reference to anything ongoing political or otherwise.

We all, hopefully live in hope, best to all.

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