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I use Alfred to _____.


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I use Alfred as a butler to prevent a burglar!


January 2019


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Take a look at how other users utilize Alfred. Some of them are really interesting!

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:cat2: I use Alfred to keep an eye on my naughty pets.

Whos been bad?

Neighborhood Dog got into my chicken coop!


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:male_detective: I use Alfred to catch a criminal!

Catching a thief

Thanks to Alfred I caught my cheating husband

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:breast_feeding: I use Alfred to protect my loved ones.

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:orange_heart: I use Alfred to be a Superhero!

Thank You Alfred!

Thank You "Team Alfred"!

This app is my new best friend

Deepest thanks

Fabulous, free, friendly!

The Story Behind Our New Logo Design >

Caught my neighbor stealing from my garage!
Just me was blind with Alfred now I can see
Alfred has granted me a third i can feel safe and see all around me.wraps around me like protection:>
Alfred has granted me a third i can feel safe and see all around me.wraps around me like protection:>
Seguridad en mi Casa
Spy on fiance when i leave the room to see why he is sneaking
I use Alfred to
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I have fun when the dog goes outside and I hit the siren and he will bark the whole time outside and until he comes back in :rofl: and can watch to make sure he doesnโ€™t pee on the neighbors door rug which of course he will even take it off the porch and try to bring it home! And itโ€™s set right to the front door of the complex and it recorded the other neighbor kicking a hole in the front door to try to get in! He has had to find new residency. I took the camera back to the hardware store because it burnt up a week after I purchased it, thank you


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for being the first one to share your story with us here! Would you like to share a video of your dog recorded by Alfred with us?

For the burnt up experience, we actually have some tips to keep the temperature of your devices low. Please check it out here:

Keep it cool!!


its the other neighbors pooch but I will give it a try,the battery in the camera phone doesnโ€™t last long but we
'll give it a shot, Thanks


Just me was blind with Alfred I can now see


Alfred is like having your big brother permanently watching your house while you are out.


loveing alferd for keeping an eye on my furbabys.
it the best thig iv tryed so far,
thanks alfred:


Alfred gives me peace of mind.


Alfred has my backโ€ฆ


Alfred is my friend and I love it.


Alfred makes me feel happy of knowing whatโ€™s going on at home.


Alfred is like my dream man - - looks after my baby and furbaby, guards my home and keep it secure, and doesnโ€™t need to be reminded every 6-months to do what I asked to do. :grin:


With Alfred you have peace of mind, you can leave your worries behind.


Iโ€™m still learning how to use it so mostly have only caught myself being an idiot.


Me being a comic book nerd when I was young this immediately made me think I could haveโ€ฆ Bat-gadgets from old phones just lying around doing nothing but collecting dust. It is fun to play with. I was telling people about this app in the bar one night at a friendโ€™s birthday party on Halloween. I happened to have it on at the time at home pointed at my computer. Currently occupied by my son watching anime on Netflix. So I decided to give them a live demo of what some of the features it has. So we have like seven people gather around my phone watching my kid watch anime. For Laughs I decided letโ€™s scare him. So I screamed into my phone โ€œYou better not be watching porn!โ€ He jumped out of that chair trying figure how someone got that far into our house without him noticing. The bar erupted in laughter. However one could do the same thing if one were to find unwanted guests


Alfred is Peace Of Mind while home or awayโ€ฆstrong text


Alfred on gaurd,so l can sleep safe


Alfred is my SANITY!


Who needs Batman, when you have Alfred!