New features everyone wants


I see ur updating ur voice cam and with integrating google assist with Alfred which is very good but I have “two-2” suggestion that alot of my friends and coworkers want from this product
1.a live feed from all camera views simultaneously…such as the main screen u pick ur camera selection at,have it Playing live right then instead of having to wait on selection
2.being able to touch and select\choose what areas of ur screen to have motion detection …objects that move- like wind blowing trees ,ceiling fans all mess with the sensitivity of the motion detection and make its stay recorded for longer…

Thank u so much for listening anyone can email me at


Hi Christian,

Thank you so much for the feedback!

You can monitor multiple Cameras at the same time with Alfred’s WebViewer. Please find out how here:

We will also look into the possibility of providing multi-camera live feed in the future. As for the other features you mentioned, temporarily called Motion Detection by Zones, it is also something we’d like to take a look at. Please stay tuned and continue to support Alfred!

Our engineer team never stops working on making the Motion Detection algorithm smarter. If we figure something out, we will try our best to present it to you as soon as possible. You are also always welcome to send us a link to a Motion Event or even a photo of what you see on the Viewer. That way, we can give you more specific advice. In the meantime, experimenting with different setups could make a big difference.

Hope this helps!


Hi Everyone!

I would like to suggest there is a ‘mark as read’ feature added to the timeline. With so many false positives involving the motion detection, it would be nice to be able to quickly scan through and mark everything as read. It’s not super important though, more of like a quality of life feature.

I also agree with the OP that motion detection zones should be added. Again, this would only help against false positives. I use a web camera app for PC that has a ton of features. It’s not as user friendly as Alfred but it does allow you deeply customize your experience if you’re willing to toy with it.

Lastly, I would like to request that videos get recorded to the internal SD of the device as they get sent to Alfred. Sometimes, all I get is a photo because my phone connection was down at the time. If my phone connection is down, perhaps Alfred can pull the video that was recorded to the SD and send it retroactively based on timestamps and fit it into the timeline. Furthermore, content that gets recorded to the SD automatically gets deleted as disk space runs low. Much like a traditional CCTV system.

Thanks Alfred for your work and helping us stay safer in our homes!


Hey Jason,

Thank you so much for your support and all the idea you share with us!

We will look into those features you mentioned the first chance we get. Please stay tuned to the future updates. By the way, we have a testing program on Google Play! Would you like to join us?

As a tester, you’ll receive an update that includes a testing version of the Alfred, which may also include unreleased versions of the instant app. What’s more, you can be the first to experience the newest features and improvements we add to the upcoming version.

However, please note that testing versions may be unstable. Let us know if you have any feedback or find out an issue in the beta version.

Feel free to contact us if you have other thoughts to share!