New feature


Choice of wifi or cellular data on cam device and viewer device



Thanks for making a wish here!

Actually, Alfred works as long as your devices are connected to the Internet. It doesn’t have to be the same network, and it can be both WiFi and mobile network.

Hope this helps!


I would like to see 3 things hopefully in the near future.
1.) Have a choice of what the alarm will do ie; sound a alarm, say it is contacting authorities, and maybe a button that actually does contact authorities.
2.)a way to talk trough it like a bullhorn or intercom
3.)record longer and automatically upload to a cloud storage so it doesn’t use a bunch of the local storage.
Just a few ideas I’m loving the app you’ve done great so far thank you!!!



Thanks for the ideas!

Actually, Alfred has provided some of the features you mentioned:

  1. Two-Way Talk
    How Do I Use Two-Way Talk?

  2. Videos automatically uploaded and stored in secure cloud
    Where are my Events stored?

Let us know if they are the features you are looking for.