New Feature (Question)

Before I get into what I want to ask I feel like I should thank you all sincerely for creating this app, and for allowing poor people like myself to use it for free. So, thank you all!

When I was setting up the app, and phones, I noticed you guys mentioned “Light Sabers” and said they would work well for adding a little light to aid the Low Light feature. I am of the mind that a light saber would be way more useful for dealing with an intruder breaking into my home. This is even more true if said light saber would make that same awesome noise that they do in Star Wars. So, my question is this… When are you guys gonna get into making those, and may I please have the first one…? Oh, and would you possibly be able to make mine tie-dye and somehow amplify that cool ass sound? And what about a light saber bow&arrow? Its like a cool mix of high tech and low tech, don’t you think? Okay… I suppose that my request for light sabers might be a little hard to fulfill for a non-premium user… Damn you people with money! Fine… Meet me half way… If I cant have Luke’s light saber in tie-dye (or any color for that matter), then I suppose I will have to settle for AT LEAST a laser attachment which could be activated just like the flashlight. It will be a let down if you can’t hook me up with one of those. Just to be clear I am not requesting a laser pointer, I would like one that will disintegrate an intruder. If the FDA won’t allow for such awesomeness then perhaps my fellow AlfredCamera users and I will simply have to make due with a taser function. Can we all at least agree on that?

Thank you all for your hard work, and for giving us this great app. Michael from Up State New York sends his love! lol Take care!

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