New/edited Recording Features



I dont know about the rest of the community but I personally would like a continous record button/option. I read that Alfred doesn’t have one because it wants us to get the notification right away but why couldn’t Alfred just have multiple options? When I say that i mean couldn’t Alfred add a spot in the recording settings where it could continously record and have a motion detection recording sent to you if it is set off? Im not saying change the recording whatsoever just add an extra but for the continous record with the rest. Also holding the video recording button down the whole time its running is a really big hassle for example when you need to record the next half hour


I fully agree, and include the possibility of recording on the computer



Thanks for the feedback!

We are actually looking into this feature now. If we develop anything, we will try our best to present it to you as soon as possible. Please stay tuned to future updates!


And possibility to still record if wifi goes out