Never let a man treat you like trash instead of the queen you are

A woman should never let a man talk to her like she belongs behind him instead of on the side of him… ladies know your worth :sparkles::nail_care:


Right on sister. That’s what this forum is for that’s the beauty of Alfred as he treats you all the same no matter what one of the fifteen ( according to our NHS and more if you are stupid enough to watch or believe anything the BBC say ) genders you may class yourself as.


All women are queens and should be treated so. Princesses too.
Most importantly LOVE on the women in your lives guys. And they Will in return treat you with respect. So guys if you are trying to demand respect, try FIRST loving your woman no matter what and watch, she will start respecting you!


I absolutely agree, every woman deserves a good attitude towards herself. And you can’t let anyone mock you or treat you disrespectfully.


I disagree not all women are Queens!! not saying that you should treat them bad but some of these women treat their men really bad so they’re not all queens they don’t need to be lifted up any higher than anyone else.


Men also have rights, and I know women’s rights I got it. And again they’re not all queens and the guys in all kings either. if you look you’ll find a lot of stories about women that actually killed and beat the shit out of their own men, and the man never hit them it was the woman being abusive.

C’mon c’mon!!! Fishy fishy!! I’m loving

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