Network Status [server]



Which device has the problem? Viewer
Device Model Name: Samsung S7
OS Version:
AppVersion: androide 1518

Which device has the problem? Camera/phone
Device Model Name: SM-G900F
OS Version:
AppVersion: -androide 1518

The network status is Good, but detailed info shows:
Frames per second: 14-16
bytes per second aprox 8000 -150000 (Changing fast so difficult to read)
Frame size :3000-6xxx
Audio: on

Why is server off ? What does that mean?


I’d like to know why I have the same issue what is the server


Hi @gunerius.finstad @treydaking210,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

The server status you see while tapping network status is a stat that helps our engineer team to clarify the potential problems happened to our users. We might ask our users to send us a screenshot sometimes. Please do not worry if you see the server off. There is no definite relation to your network quality.

Hope it helps!


I also want to know! Why?