Neighborhood Dog got into my chicken coop!


I have pet chickens. A dog was able to come through a window in the henhouse that had plastic fencing material to keep the chickens in. He chased my chickens but my neighbor rescued them before it was too late.


Oh my. Thank God they are ok


@hammeripcamera LOL chickencam, love it. looks like he was just rousing them a bit, All’s well that ends well. Chickencam love it.


From the looks of the dog he kinda looks like he is a coon hunting dog but he mistakes the chickens for coons… I’ve seen this happen once before in my life at 1 my friends house… His coon dog got inside the chicken coup like that one did except he tried get ahold of 1 of his fighting roosters & needless to say his dog never got back inside the coup ever again after that night… Ole Red Rooster put it to him. LOL… But cool lil video. Now u know exactly which one dog that’s been getting inside it. If nobody owns him just call your animal control officer & they’ll come round him up. But at least make sure he don’t belong to anybody before u call them so u can give him a chance at life u know…