Need help - willing to pay for support - after app update - videos are missing


hello - i need help ASAP
I have some important videos that disappeared between Friday night and Monday…

I am a premium subscriber and willing to pay for support.

the videos had 9 days left till auto-expiring and they just disappeared after my ipad updated the alfred app

please help!

I don’t want the rest of time to expire and lose them permanently after 30 days…

please help… i will pay for the support…

It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
OS Version:

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hello guys,

Albert and I communicated by email a couple more times and confirmed it was a glitch on your backend software.

Your engineering team was able to help and replace my videos from the Samsung device, however I just emailed you guys back last night - after realizing that the videos from my ipad pro device did NOT get restored (Yet)…

can you guys please have your engineer also restore my video moments ASAP so that I can save them as perma links from the device I have called:

I believe what happened is your engineer probably didn’t notice I have 2 cameras using the alfred app…

Please have them do the SAME fix they performed that DID fix the samsung device videos from your software update glitch, ALSO on the ipad videos for me ASAP - because I didn’t catch this earlier and now there would only be TWO days left before 30 days hits… according to the app, it says the videos I am missing, based on the date I see in there, would normally have 2 days left…

please help - we ALMOST have them all that I need!

please have the engineer apply the SAME fix he did to the samgsung videos, to the ipad device in your system and let me know ASAP, because the dates I need are from June 23/24/25

but especially June 24th which says they would only have 2 days left…

please help!


Hello Ricardo and the other support staff here at Alfred…

thanks for the email earlier today.

OK - I have narrowed down the issue for your engineer to specifically THIS:

I have 2 cameras in our system…

Camera 1 - it has the device name in your alfred app of “SM-G920P” … that is a Samsung phone…
right now, using the ipad or a computer as the viewer - I can see my RESTORED videos (thank you!) all the way back through Sunday, Jun 24, and Monday Jun 25

I have video that your system auto-deleted when I complained before and then your engineer was able to restore, caused by a glitch in your updates …

your staff got the engineer to fix it, partially… (thank you for the part they did fix ) …

the issue is, they apparently did NOT fix BOTH camera devices by name…

only the SM-G920P camera…

the OTHER camera is named:

and I had video on that camera from the SAME dates: Sun Jun 24, and Mon Jun 25… but it it still missing on that device.

Please - I have an engineering degree from a top school here in the USA …

Just tell the engineer that I need the OTHER camera restored from our 2 camera system (as I am sure in your logs you can see BOTH cameras…from BEFORE your software update) , and have him do the SAME THING HE DID before the got back all the SM-g920p videos, to the ipad videos and let me know ASAP !

I am sure this will fix the issue easily…

but according to the app, this series of videos will be 30 days old “in 1 day”…

please help and have the engineer fix this like they did for the other camera in our 2 camera system!

camera 1 - SM-G920P ( your engineer restored these correctly after the software update of your app caused them to disappear!)
camera 2 - iPadPro12Dot9Gen2 … still missing the videos from June 24, and June 25… since the cameras are in the SAME room, and I have viewed some of the videos before, I know the exact dates and that there was video taken

please have the engineer restore the camera2 videos so I can perma-link them in time!


Hi Mavrick,

We’re sorry for what you have experienced. Our engineer team took a look at the database and found out that the Camera iPadPro12Dot9Gen2 didn’t record any video on June 23rd and 24th. As for the videos from June 25th to July 9th, according to the logs, you have manually deleted them.

If you want, we could provide the deletion logs so that you can compare the data of which videos were deleted and when the actions took place.

In the meantime, to prevent this from happening again, please save/download the Events regularly.

Please let us know if you need further assistance!


Hello - the update of Alfred, resulting in missing events issue, still seems to be a problem…

I updated my iPad Alfred app this morning, and my events on my device named:

ALL disappeared.

Since your techs have fixed this issue for me in the past, I figured it would be a long gone bug by now, but it appears that the bug still exists :frowning:

Please, I am a paying premium member for a couple years now, please fix this for me again in this case for my account for my camera device named

And let me know ASAP , as some of my events expire in about 3 days that I need to save from this device.

I purposefully do NOT update my android Alfred apps for this exact reason, and now, I realize that has been a smart move on my part, as this bug is not fixed yet…

Please, after your techs reconnect my events for my device iPadPro12Dot9Gen2 (please do NOT DO ANYTHING to affect my other Alfred device !!! It is working fine, so I don’t want to risk losing any of my events on there!!! ) … please add fixing this “Events missing after Alfred app update bug” to your higher priority fix list…

I have friends I’d love to refer your way, but, it would be embarrassing to tell them, it’s a nice tool, but don’t let it update!


You need to use the search feature of this forum but I’ve read somewhere that reinstalling the app on your camera or viewer device can repopulate the events. Good luck.


Hey Mavrick,

We are sorry for what you have experienced. It seems that your iPad is set as Viewer right now. Could you please sign out, sign in and set it as Camera to see if that solves the issue?