My WebViewer page is showing me zero cameras

I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems like specifically on my Google account, I cannot view any cameras. I tried logging in to three different laptops, including one that has a fresh install of Google Chrome (just in case extensions were causing the issue), and on all three, I get nothing listed where the cameras should be - not even the tips in the yellow boxes.

I tried logging in using my dad’s account (who has added the me to the cameras’ trust circles in the first place) and it’s all normal for him. I tried deleting the app from the “Apps with access to your account” page on and re-added WebViewer, to no avail. I’m at a loss as to what to do here. I resorted to downloading an Android emulator just to view the cameras through the Android app (I don’t have a smartphone), which is a little bit counter-intuitive.

Hi @freecom91 ,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Please log in your Webviewer, click the account thumbnail on the upper right corner, take the snapshot and send the photo to us. If you want, you can also send an email to That way we can see which account you log in Webviewer so we can look into it for you!

Keep us posted!

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Don’t know if this is what you wanted, but here you go. Hope nobody minds if I’ve edited my real name out.


Just wanted to let you know that the WebViewer is still sending me notifications for motion detection (I got one literally a minute ago)… and yet I still can’t see any cameras on the WebViewer page. Really bizarre.

Hi @freecom91,

Thank you for reaching back!

Our team is looking into the problem now. In the meantime, could you log in your Webviewer, press F12 button, click the Console option between Elements and Sources, and send us the screenshot? Also, please let us know the Operation System of your computer and the version of your Firefox browser. Keep us posted!


Sorry for the delayed response, I’m currently dealing with a power outage at home right now. Future replies might be a little slow.

Looking at the console, this might all be due to me running NoScript (Google Analytics is one of the domains I have not whitelisted), but I’ve left my settings as is for now just in case.

Operating system: Windows 7 (first screenshot), Windows 10 (second screenshot)
Browser: Firefox 58.0.2 64 bit (second screenshot)

How do I hook my ip cameras up

Hi @freecom91,

Thanks for reaching back!

Please try go to your Viewer Phone, remove your HTC Camera that goes Offline from the Camera List, and log in Webviewer again to see whether the situation persists. Hope it helps!

Hi @ac5830,

Thank you for reaching out!

Alfred is an app that transforms smartphones/tablets into cameras. For the moment, it is not compatible with any existing ip cams/webcams/security systems on the market.

The great news is Alfred’s iOS and Android versions are 100% compatible, and you can add as many Cameras as you want!

We also have some tips for scoring new Camera devices for cheap here:

Hope it helps!


Just thought I should let you know that, although I didn’t remove any cameras yet, it seems like WebViewer is functioning normally. Whatever it is you guys fixed on my account, it’s working properly now. Thanks.

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