My Viewer Phone shows "Connecting to the Camera" but never connects

I have an iPhone X Set up as my Camera and an iPhone Xs Plus as my viewer.

When I launch the App on the Viewer phone, I can see the thumbnail for the my camera phone changing, which means that the camera is on and is connected to my WiFi, however when I click on it to open the live feed for the camera, I see the message “Connecting to the Camera” on a black screen, and it never connects.

I’ve tried using the web viewer, and it’s the same thing, shows only a black screen. I even tried to install the app on an Android device and see if I view my camera feed on it, but still same issue. I doubt that it’s an issue with the camera, as I’m sure that the thumbnail picture on the main app page on my viewer shows that the scene is actually live!


Look at the faq’s. There is a suggestion for iPhone users about connection from Alfred. Hope this helps.

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