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Ok so I downloaded this app in the first place for my boyfriend and I to be able to have web view and communication at the same time. Of course he hated the idea because he us always lying and not doing what he says he’s doing. So he never allowed it … still I am trying real hard to make it work but he’s fighting me tooth and nail. It’s already downloaded in his phone but not logged in…I need help???:grinning:


@kcam931987 if you need help with the app please state the nature of the problem. If you need help with the relationship then you are on the wrong forum.


I cant use his device as a viewer if my gmail is not logged in on the device…so how do i restart the device and launching the app with my gmail without actually having the phone in my posession


You can’t without first having your gmail account signed in on alfred, then you could “wake up” the device. There’s a small chance you can gain access to it remotely by way of other infamous methods which is FAR more in-depth and certainly do not belong in this forum. Try googling ‘how to gain access to (android/ios) remotely’.


Ok sis,
Word to the wise: leave. Don’t do something deceitful & manipulative to catch another person doing wrong to you. It’s that “2 wrongs don’t make a right” and my personal version: 2 wrongs and they get left. Cliché, careful what you wish for bc you might not actually want to know the whole honest truth about this. If you can’t trust this person & can leave, look out for your best interest & move on. Be careful bc nobody likes being spied on, getting caught in the act, or the confrontation of accusations, esp with undeniable evidence. If I was to find an app even close to anything like this I’d be irate & no matter what the type of a relationship it was, it would be over bc there really is no coming back from that kind of trust betrayal, on either side. The footage of a liar in action has a potential for becoming dangerous to your health. I myself would just set up another phone & log in & srategiacally place camera. Be safe. Good luck