My Five Year Love Affair With Alfie


I used Alfy (as we call him) to catch my ex. Ugh. He was passing me out and raping me from behind. I have no memory, not sure what drug he used. I’d wake up in 4-6hrs. I noticed clues like handprint bruising or occasional itchy bum. Thanks to Alfy I got vid of it all. And other sneaky bull he pulled. Found out he was a two faced sabateur rapist theif!!! He eventually caught on to the cams and built a signal jammer which turned off / paused Alfy’s recording. Butt----no bun intended- (heh) I continue using Alfie everywhere. Even at work. Keeping friends honest. I use Alfie for voyeurism / exhibitionism too (teehee).
Only one problem with Alfie… The bright yellow of the viewing screen / his big recognizeable cartoon face on that yellow. It tells on itself when you’re trying to watch covertly. The yellow can be seen accross the room by anyone who is privy. I love love LOVE Alfy, though!!!


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Well. I already paid for a year of premium already anyway. It’s worth it not to be bothered by those ads. And the zoom feature comes in handy!



Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

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oh my gosh. That’s horrible.
I am so sorry to hear that.
Um, great story.
Let me know who’s ass I can beat up for you.


Hope you are doing well as can be expected, after such an eye opening experience. Sorry to hear about what happened to you. I would hope that you submitted these videos to police, otherwise I’m afraid you won’t be his last victim… My thoughts and prayers go out to you, I hope your managing life well, all considered.


Would love to be a voyeur to your exhibitionism…


Voyeur exhibition same here love to share. Wife n I watch and share vids. let us know. We r always interested.


So sorry for your ordeals my wife has been victim of such in past as a teen and young woman our true simpathies go to you. Please do what you can to stop the sob. It does seem that you have found some solice. I ask of you to find your healing. Idk but myself and my wife have found our healing in being totally who we truly are. A part of that is f everyone and we enjoy deep intimate love and sex. And we love to share and watch it brings us great peace and ecstasy. In truly being open. Mentally, spiritually and sexually. It is tremendously freeing.


Energy saving mode. My cameras are completely dark unless we turn the light to catch detailed action. Otherwise with a couple nightlites or a string of lights you can get really good videos. Like I mentioned we have hours of video. And we are voyuers and exhibitionest. We will share vid for vid etc.


Only problem being, i dont have any to trade as you saw the ONE I do have. It would be VERY difficult to “hide” a plugged in cell phone anywhere where I could catch anything and chances of my wife’s over active brain seeing something out of place… about 1 million%. I need to find straight, for the love of it exhibitionists to trust circle me!