My expirience

I just found this and its AMAZING!!!
i love it!
A few tips for some other users.

If youre home, turn off the cams, it wastes power.
If youre away, put them back on and enable movement searcher.
If you have a cam viewing your pet, disable movement searcher.

I use Alfred Camera now for a Mont or 2 and catch some strange activities around my a apparent, some of my neighbors use to throw their rubbish just down and leave it just there and nobody knows who it was.
Every time me and my brother must come and pick it up,coz the wind blows it straight into our back door, every time it cost a lot of money to go and buy black rubbish bags
Thanks to Alfred Camera we dit catch the guilty ones and now it is clean and tidy in the whole yard,can also monitor every vehicle that came in and out here

Alfred Camera is the best thing I did choose for a very long time in my choices